The untold story of the creator of the popular cartoon strip ‘Peanuts’ gang

“Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date. Take a deep breath, and try again.” Certainly, if everyone who’s struggling to go after their dreams would live by this motto, success and self-fulfillment will follow.

The life of Charles M. Schulz, the creator of the famous skeptical comic strip: Peanuts, teaches us that no matter how many times you fail, you’ve got to try again to reach for your dreams.

The main character of the well-known comic strip, Charlie Brown was based on its creator, Charles Schulz himself.

In fact, years before he rose to fame, his uncle gave him his nickname ‘sparky’ which was based on a cartoon comic strip known as Barney Google. Perhaps it is the universe’s way of hinting at the life awaiting Charles.

As Sparky grew up, he realized that the system of the school was quite difficult for him. He would often get poor grades and even failed all of his subjects when he was a grade 8 student.

His academic life was not his only weak point, Sparky was also socially awkward, often having uncomfortable conversation and interaction with his classmates and with other women. There were times that Sparky thought of him as a ‘loser.’

However, despite these setbacks, he channeled his energy into the one activity he is most passionate about – drawing!

During his senior year, Sparky submitted his cartoons into their yearbook. This might have been the first rejection he had received as his classmates passed on his artworks.

Sparky did not let this rejection faze him. After he graduated from high school, he thought about taking his talents to a place that seemed would be able to appreciate it.

He had decided to apply to Walt Disney Studios, sending a letter expressing his desire to be employed by the company as an artist and animator.

The well-loved and popular home of Mickey Mouse asked Sparky to send along a portfolio containing his collection of works, which he did, carefully choosing the best doodles he had created. However, despite bringing his best foot forward, his portfolio was rejected and so he did not get the job he was aiming for.

For some, this rejection might be taken as the universe’s way of warning them that they are in the wrong direction, however, Charles took the rejection as a motivation to prove them that they were wrong. He did not give up, rather his determination to conquer his dreams grew more.

Just as the old saying goes, if the opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. Instead of exhausting his energy in trying to be employed, he had decided to try his luck by creating his own path. Drawing inspiration from his own experiences, Sparky started working on some cartoon characters.

The main character of his cartoon strip was a little boy who just couldn’t seem to do anything right. A little boy who was often cynical and did not achieve significant things in his life. A character that reflects his view of himself, a character known as Charlie Brown of the iconic comic strip, Peanuts!

Charlie Brown became popular as a loser you can’t help but love. Charlie’s character along with many others from Peanuts became an American archetype for other cartoonists like Bill Watterson. Peanuts ran from 1950 to 2000 and is still popular today.

Imagine, if Charles Schulz allowed the rejections of his cartoon drawings dishearten him, he wouldn’t be able to create one of the iconic comic strips we enjoy reading today.

Rejections and failures don’t kill dreams, but doubt does. Remember, that no one would be any more heartbroken than you ever will be if you would fail to translate your dreams into reality. Never get tired of chasing after your dreams!

Watch the untold story of Charles Schulz below, who showed the world that, for someone who has a heart who doesn’t know how to give up, nothing is impossible, not even achieving an elusive dream.

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