Spend the night in glass pods suspended 1,200 feet up the side of a mountain

This extraordinary Peruvian escapade might just be the king of unique vacations.

If you’re a lover of nature and adventure, then this is the perfect destination for you. Situated amid the Peruvian Andes is the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and hanging from the side of the mountain are viewing pods, where its inhabitants are treated to a panoramic view of the mountainside during the day and the Milky Way during nighttime.

How do you get to those pods? Well, this is where the adventure starts.

A couple enjoying their unique vacation.
Skylodge Adventure Suites

The Skylodge Adventures Suites offers a stay in these pods only for those who dare, as one would have to climb 400 meters – about 1,300 feet – to get to these transparent hanging bedrooms.

Guests have two options on how to get there: you could hike up the mountain via ferrata or choose a combination of hiking plus zip line, then climb a 13-foot ferrata towards the end.

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Skylodge Adventure Suites

Each ascend takes about an hour to complete, and first-time hikers wouldn’t have to worry as they will be accompanied by professional guides on either route.

There a total of four crystalline pods secured to the side of the mountain – three of which were meant for guests to sleep in (each with room for four people and one attendant), and one for dining. All capsules have the capacity to hold 21 times the weight of five people.

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Skylodge Adventure Suites

Not convinced?

If you’re still feeling a little bit queasy – which is totally understandable – management says that each hanging bedroom is made from aerospace aluminum and weather resistant poly-carbonate, so it is guaranteed safe and secure.

Each of the sleeping pods measures 24 feet long and 8 feet high, and are equipped with a solar-powered lighting, a private bathroom, and a dry ecological toilet and sink.

This area is separated from the bedroom by an insulated wall.

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Temperatures range from about 40 degrees Fahrenheit at night and goes up to 70 during the day, so there are down pillows and quilts ready for the guests to keep them warm during their sleep.

The brainchild of this unique vacation spot is Ario Ferri, a project developer and avid rock and mountain climber. Ario modeled the suites from the idea of a portaledge, a hanging tent system built by mountain climbers during overnight stays on rock faces.


He built the pods to allow travelers who are inexperienced in climbing to get the feel of a mountain adventure, and for accomplished climbers to enjoy as well.

When it comes to food, the professional guides who go up the mountain with the guests are also chefs, and they cook up locally-inspired meals for the travelers in the sky-high hanging kitchen.


The unique vacation place is available for booking all days of the year. Rates vary depending on what method of ascent you choose, but range from $411 to $439 per individual.

There are also day trips with lunch for those who don’t like to spend the night, and these range from about $237 to $265 per person.

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The Skylodge Adventures Suites opened in June 2013, and since then, around 3,500 daring individuals have spent the night in the glass capsules.

Check out the video below to see what the Skylodge Adventures Suites have to offer.

If you love unique vacations, this definitely looks like the perfect adventure!  Would you dare spend the night in one of these hanging pods?