Uncle who saved salary to buy nephew’s toy, received a brand new SUV 15 years later

Receiving one of the most expensive sport utility vehicles from someone had never crossed the mind of Stephen Ng’s uncle. However, if he would look back on his past, he might just remember that he’s done something so heart-warming and selfless that makes him worthy of this expensive gift.

Little Steven Ng
Steven Elliot Ng

Steven Elliott Ng grew up in a poor town in China. When he was a kid, he could only watch other children play with their nice gadgets. Sadly, his parents did not have the means to buy him expensive toys. Though he wasn’t envious, in his heart was a little hope that someday, he could also have that gadget he wanted.

Steven’s wish didn’t take long to come true. When his uncle got a new job with a $400 salary, he did his best to fulfill Steven’s wish. His uncle worked hard and saved his salary so he could buy him a PS2, that his uncle put aside his own needs and desires says a lot about his character.

Steven Ng 15 years ago
Steven Elliot Ng, 15 years ago.

When Steven got the toy, he was so delighted and very thankful for his uncle. As a kid, he already had an idea about hard work and sacrifices so he made a promise that he would give back to his uncle and gift him with something grand someday.

Of course, his uncle didn’t take it seriously. He saved and bought the toy because he loved his nephew so much and not to get something in return.

The uncle who received a brand new sports utility vehicle from his grateful nephew.

After 15 years, Steven bought one of the most sought-after SUVs for his uncle.

Surprisingly, the poor kid who only wanted a PS2 is now a successful businessman. He is the founder of Elliot Havok that offers luxury watches and Dash Wallets, a minimalist wallet solution company.

Now that he’s a grown-up man with enough salary and savings to get what he wants, he didn’t forget the man who taught him the value of hard work, perseverance, and self-sacrifice. These virtues that he learned from his uncle also helped him become what he is now.

As promised, Steven gifted his uncle with something special – a brand-new SUV. His uncle was both surprised and grateful to have received one of the best sport utility vehicles. He didn’t think that his simple gesture would mean a lot to his nephew.

Steven Ng always loves to look back on his humble beginnings and share his blessings to his family. He also believes that being happy is like having an open heart.

It’s amazing how little kindness can yield bigger returns.