This South African Uber driver is singing his way to opera fame after being recorded by a passenger

Uber rides are typically uneventful. You get in the vehicle, make small talk with the driver, and go your own way once you reach your destination.

From time to time, you get a driver who is extremely kind or funny, but rarely do you meet someone who is not just an Uber driver but an opera singer, too!


That is what exactly what happened to Kim Davey when she went to Durban, South Africa for a business trip. She booked an Uber as usual and thought nothing of it. Once she started chatting with her driver, Menzi Mngoma, she instantly felt that there was something special about him – and she was right!

During their conversation, Menzi told her about his life. Kim discovered that Menzi had studied music for years and had been dreaming of becoming an international opera singer. He took up driving for Uber in the hopes of meeting new people and expanding his connections in the industry.

Of course, Kim asked Menzi to showcase his talent for her, and he happily obliged. The passenger quickly took out her phone to record his performance. As soon as he opened his mouth, Kim realized that she was in the presence of pure and natural talent!

She later uploaded the video on Facebook and it instantly went viral, garnering hundreds of comments from people who were impressed by his golden voice.

That video paved the way for Menzi to gain the attention of those from the music industry. Since then, he has performed at various events and has been interviewed by radio stations. Recently, he even released his first single titled “Feel the Love”.


Menzi’s dreams are gradually becoming a reality, but he still continues to drive for Uber until he is sure that his singing career will be able to provide for him.

Of course, Menzi would never forget who started it all – his passenger, Kim. In fact, the two have become close friends, with Kim even flying out to join him in celebrating the release of his first song.


What could have been a simple Uber ride became something more remarkable – a beautiful story of success and friendship. We wish Menzi all the best in his career as an opera singer!

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