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Two women discovered they were dating the same man, broke up with him and went on a trip together

Faith Bistline thought her man was loyal to her but she was devastated when she confirmed that he had been dating another girl.

She was about to go on a trip to Costa Rica with her boyfriend for her 30th birthday when she received a Facebook message from a stranger.

“Is he your boyfriend” referring to a photo of her man. “Because he’s been dating my friend for the past 10 months,” the message went on.

She was very shocked and she wanted to think that it was just a mistake. To clear things up, she took a screenshot of the message and sent it to her boyfriend. Unfortunately, she didn’t get the assurance she needed from him as he chose not to respond.

Soon after, Bistline got a text from Emily Ortiz, who had been dating her man for nearly a year. She thought they were exclusive and wanted to know how long Bistiline and her man had been dating.

Bistline said she had no idea about Ortiz and she had been giving the man a chance to explain but he kept ignoring her messages.

The two women exchanged photos of the man to confirm that they had been dating the same person. It turns out they were both sleeping in the man’s apartment on different dates and he had met both of their families.

Little by little, all the pieces came together and they figured out how the man got to cheat on them without giving them any doubts.

They both live in Las Vegas and work in the healthcare industry. Bistline is a nurse and met the man through friends a year before they started dating in April 2021.

Ortiz, who is a medical assistant, met him in a clinic where she works. He asked her out in October 2021, without giving her the slightest idea that he was already taken.

After two days, the man finally replied to Bistline. Without any apparent remorse, he said in a text, “So I guess I have a little bit of explaining to do.” What irked her more was the half-laugh emoji he put after the message. “That really rubbed me the wrong way. I’m like, ‘Is this funny to you?” Bistline said.

On the one hand, Ortiz went straight to his place after finding out he was cheating. She had to wait outside for hours because he wouldn’t show up. She returned to his apartment the next evening and luckily found him there.

“I confronted him,” Ortiz shared. “He said, ‘What are you talking about? Are you crazy?’ And then I pulled up the messages, and he was like, ‘Oh, yeah.'” When he apologized, she said, he told her: “I never should have let it get out of hand.”

Bistline and Ortiz both dumped their cheating ex-boyfriend and focused on healing their broken hearts. This was when Bistline mentioned to Ortiz that she was planning to go to Costa Rica for her birthday.

Of course, she wouldn’t take her ex-boyfriend anymore so she thought about going with Ortiz instead. “If you’re serious about Costa Rica, let me know. I’m dead serious about bringing you instead of him lol,” Bistline wrote.

Ortiz said “yes” to her invitation and on September 16, three weeks after they found out about their boyfriend’s infidelity, they flew to Costa Rica together and had the best “breakup” holiday.

Bistline shared that she did not want to go alone on a holiday. “I was thinking it would probably help us both to go on a trip like this. We deserve this after what we’ve gone through.”

Ortiz admitted that she was hesitant about Bistline’s.  “At first I was like, this girl is crazy,” she said. “But I just thought, it might be good for us to heal together because we’re the only two people who know what we went through.” 

Bistline and Ortiz spent four days going on different adventures and exploring the natural wonders of Costa Rica. They had a really good bond and became good friends.

Ortiz said she was happy that she gained a friend from this experience but if there’s one great lesson that she learned, it is to “always listen to your intuition.”

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.