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Two young boys mow lawns for free, so ‘The Lawnmower Man’ gives them new gear to start their own business

Challenges come in various forms and sizes. They encompass demanding endeavors that require expertise, effort, and time to master.

They can catch us off guard, derailing our progress and prompting us to reassess our strategies. Moreover, challenges serve as stepping stones toward realizing our true potential.

However, the ultimate reward transcends expectations when we triumph over these challenges and accomplish our goals.

TJ & JT Mowing Service, a lawn maintenance business established by eleven-year-olds Ja’Torrian Taylor and Tevin Rice in Gadsden, Alabama, recently achieved an incredible reward for their remarkable efforts.

These young entrepreneurs successfully undertook Rodney Smith Jr’s “50 Yard Challenge,” where they selflessly mowed 50 lawns of elderly individuals, veterans, and those unable to tend to their lawns for free, according to Upworthy.

As a result of their hard work and dedication, TJ and JT were gifted with a fantastic reward.

Rodney Smith Jr., widely recognized as “The Lawnmower Man,” went to Gadsden, Alabama, fueled by a desire to acknowledge and reward the admirable efforts of two hard-working kids.

Learning that TJ and JT were sharing an old lawnmower donated by a neighbor, Smith arrived with a heartfelt gesture.

“Good morning, gentlemen,” Smith said with a smile. “I’m about to make you honorary 50 Yard Challenge Club members!”

He awarded the deserving teens a mower, a blower, and a trimmer, aiming to equip them with the necessary tools to expand their lawn maintenance business.

“Giving these boys lawn equipment teaches them discipline,” Smith said. “If they tell someone they are going to mow a lawn, they need to mow the lawn.”

Smith emphasized that this event is merely the beginning of a potentially successful lawn maintenance service for TJ and JT, urging them to cherish the moment and embrace the immense possibilities.

The “Lawnmower Man’s” dedication to lawn care originated in 2015 when he embarked on a mission to support those unable to maintain their yards.

In 2016, he went viral after assisting a 93-year-old woman who could no longer tend to her lawn, with their heartwarming encounter garnering over a million likes.

Five years ago, Smith’s ambitious objective to provide free lawn care services across all 50 states caught the attention of Upworthy.

His vision aimed to assist elders, the disabled, single mothers, and veterans who lacked the means, resources, or time to maintain their lawns.

The remarkable “50 Yard Challenge” emerged from this aspiration, which has since succeeded.

As of May 2023, 4,588 pre-teens and teenagers have enthusiastically embraced the “50 Yard Challenge” across the United States.

Should each participant complete the challenge, it would result in an extraordinary accomplishment, with Rodney Smith Jr.’s Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Service providing a staggering 229,400 free lawn mowing services.

Participating in the “50 Yard Challenge” is as easy as sending a picture of participants holding placards that adamantly declare their acceptance of the challenge.

In return, these kids are given a distinctive white Raising Men/Women shirt, sunglasses, and ear protection so they can start their lawn-care responsibilities.

With each milestone of ten lawns conquered, participants are rewarded with a new shirt color, symbolizing their progress:

  • 10 lawns: Orange shirt
  • 20 lawns: Green shirt
  • 30 lawns: Blue shirt
  • 40 lawns: Red shirt
  • 50 lawns: Black shirt

Like the rewards given to the Alabama kids, TJ and JT, kids and teenagers who complete the lawn maintenance challenge are given a mower, a blower, and a trimmer as a sign of appreciation.

Rodney “The Lawnmower Man” Smith Jr’s remarkable story is an inspiring example of the transforming power of a single act of kindness, capable of triggering a widespread outpouring of generosity.

Additionally, it teaches kids a crucial lesson of giving back, self-discipline, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Watch Rodney Smith Jr.’s inspiring story along with the young lawn maintenance business owners, TJ and JT, below:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.