Transform your baby’s clothes into adorable keepsake ‘Memory Bears’

Parents know how fast children grow up. No matter how exhausting parenting is, I bet most, if not everyone, would agree that it is one of the best experiences in life.

The sleepless nights, the numbness of your arms as you cradle your little one in your arms, the endless feeding, all of the wonderful and sometimes frustrating sound of your baby’s cries… All of these are what we miss, or what we will surely miss, upon realizing how our babies are growing and turning into a toddlers, teenagers, young adults, and into a full-grown man.

With the seemingly rapid growth of our babies, it sure is nostalgic to look back at their humble beginnings, the little milestones they have conquered together with you, and as well as their small and fragile frame. Looking at the progress they have made today and how they are like before, side by side will surely make you feel proud and wistful.

For the sentimental parents, especially moms out there, they exert extra-effort in keeping memorabilia of the natal days of their child. However keeping all of the baby clothes our little prince and princess’ used to wear seems to be an impractical idea. Good thing that Memory Bears offers a practical and adorable way to keep one or two of our baby’s outgrown onesies and baby clothes.

The Memory Bears is a DIY craft taking Pinterest and Etsy by storm. It transforms clothing materials of our loved ones into adorable cuddly bears which is ready to be hugged and loved. For mommies out there, this is an opportunity to have a memento of our children’s baby days and at the same time, give them something to hug in nights they cannot fall asleep.

For those who are not talented in sewing fabrics or who do not have time to do this themselves, artists on Etsy and Pinterest are also available to help parents transform their baby’s tiny outfits unto cuddly bears they can play with.

Pictured above is an example of a Memory Bear, the cute teddy bear was once a onesie covered with equally cute pink bunnies. It is amazing how the artist, Whitney Post, was able to keep the bunny feet for the teddy.

Another charming Memory Bear, this time created by another artist, is a representation of the actual birth height and birth weight of an actual baby when he was born. This is a good reminder of the first time we have carried and embraced our son and daughter into our arms.

Bears are not the only design you can transform your baby’s outgrown clothes with, you can also transform them into an adorable but mighty dinosaurs your kid will surely love!

For those with little ones who are interested in animal toys, you can choose to transform their outgrown outfits into animal patterned Memory bears such as dogs, elephants, and even foxes! You and your child’s imagination is the limit!

This rag doll is also a variation of Memory Bears. This is perfect for those with little girls who enjoy playing and holding dolls instead of cuddly animals.

Memory Bears can also be customized with the details of your child when they were born. Just like in the cuddly turtle pictured above, you can include their details such as the exact time of their birth, their birth weight measurement, and as well as their birth date.

There are also PDF patterns available online in order to help aspiring mothers to craft a Memory Bear for their own child and loved ones as well. This is especially made for the parents out there who would like to give a shot in sewing their own Memory Bear, also it is perfect for those who would like to try a new business venture.

You could also transform not only the tiny outfits of your baby but as well as their first school uniform into a Memory Bear. Looking at this Memory Bear made from the first school uniform of your child will truly make you feel proud of their first achievements!

Sure there are a lot of other ways to keep a reminder of the days when our child needed us and depended on us the most, but I bet with the adorable pictures above, there is no sweeter nor more delightful way of transforming memories into adorable and practical mementos but Memory Bears!

If you like a little bit of challenge and creativity, why not create your own keepsake memory bears. Go HERE.

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