Touching moment a father, 88, is reunited with his down syndrome son, 53, after spending a week apart for the first time ever

As a testament of truth to the old saying, ‘There is no stronger bond than that of a father and a son,’ a heartwarming video of the reunion of a father with his son who has Down Syndrome is trending online!

The father and son were only apart for a week, yet the tight embrace they shared made it seem like they did not see each other for how many years.

Matt Cobrink, the 53-year-old avid fan of Aaron Judge, was flown to New York in order to meet his favorite baseball player. This does not only mean that he would finally meet his inspiration, it is also his first time to be away from his 88-year-old father, Malcolm.

For the first time in the last 25 years, Matt would be away from his father for about a week. The last time that they had spent so much time apart was when his mother passed away.

Knowing how much Malcolm means to Matt, when Matt finally returned to Los Angeles, his doting sister, Marcy, decided to immortalize Matt and Malcolm’s reunion in a video.

In the viral touching video of the father-and-son, Matt is seen rushing down the escalator with so much excitement, and sharply turning abruptly at the end in order to greet the father he missed so much.

Due to his excitement and exhilaration, Matt almost tripped over himself, but it did not matter because finally, he can hug his father again.

Obviously overwhelmed with so much joy at seeing his father, Matt smothered Malcolm with countless of kisses and locked him in a tight embrace.

In the captured video, Marcy’s voice can be heard teasing her brother: “I don’t think you missed him, am I right?” 

Malcolm also teased the son he loves so much, during their embrace, he noted how much Matt needs a shave because his stubble was scraping his face.

The beautiful bond of Matt and Malcolm reached over 15 million of views and ellicited over 17,000 comments in less than two weeks since it has been posted by Mary.

The overwhelming number of support expressed by people across continents brought tears to their eyes.

“I expect that kind of reaction from him,” Marcy shared, explaining how sweet her brother is. ‘Sometimes I won’t see him for a few days, and then I’ll go to his house or my dad will bring him over here, and he will kiss me like 20 times. He’s just really very loving and happy to see everybody!’

‘People all over the world were sending me pictures of their children with Down Syndrome, telling me that it made them cry, that they’re so happy to see such a long, loving relationship between my father and my brother,’ Mary added.

“It gives them hope for their children or they have a cousin who has Down Syndrome. And that it’s so nice to see something that’s happy instead of things that are negative.”

Mary noted that she also wants the world to know how much joy and love Matt brought in the life of every person he has met.

We just want to share the love. We want to let people know that it’s really not Down Syndrome, we call it ‘Up Syndrome’  because my brother has brought so much love into everybody’s life that he comes in contact with.”

True to Mary’s clarification, Matt is a very charming man who is kind, sweet, and loving. His vibrant personality painted a smile on the faces of the million viewers who witnessed his video. The close relationship he shares with his father warmed everyone’s heart.

Watch the happiness-inducing video of Matt and Malcolm’s reunion below after they were apart for 5 days. The warm embrace and numerous kisses Matt showered his father with, will surely warm your heart with positive energy!

Originally published in 2018. Photos and Video | The Daily Mail

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