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6-year-old exchanging skateboards with his idol Tony Hawk thanks to FedEx driver’s TikTok

A young Tony Hawk fan sought the help of a FedEx carrier in Georgia so he could send the skateboarding pro a special gift. Cooper Morgan chased Mikail Farrar’s truck on his route Monday to ask for a favor.

“Can you mail something for me?“ the six-year-old boy asked. He then went back into his house and brought out a heavily used skateboard. Cooper had written his name on the exposed wood on the left side of the board. On the opposite side, he had written “Tony Hawk.”

“Get this to Tony Hawk from me. Tell him it’s from Cooper,” he told Mikail. The boy’s mom was there, and knowing that it was all for fun, she just nodded and winked at the driver.

Mikail knew he couldn’t deliver the skateboard to its recipient without an address, so he did the next best thing. He shared the story in a TikTok video (see below) and “put it out there in the universe.”

“Tony, if you see this, Cooper in Suwanee, Georgia, is a big fan,” he says in the video. “Maybe you can give him a shout-out and the next time I drive by his house, I’ll show him the video and it will probably make his whole life.”

Mikail told CNN that he posted the clip in the afternoon, but didn’t recheck the app until evening. When he did, he had an incredibly high number of notifications on his phone.

Tagging Tony Hawk in the TikTok video’s caption and getting hundreds of thousands of likes and additional tags from the platform’s users helped Cooper’s gift reach its recipient.

The 52-year-old skater pro, who hadn’t used TikTok since 2018, filmed a video response thanking the boy for his present.

“I just want to say thank you so much for the skateboard. It’s on my way to my house already, and as a thank you gift I’m gonna send you my skateboard, this one right here that I’m riding,” he said, adding that he hopes to meet the youngster sometime.

Mikail communicated with Tony so he could personally ship Cooper’s old skateboard to him. The item is expected to arrive at the star’s house on May 27.

The driver said he couldn’t believe it when Tony reached out.

“I didn’t expect Tony Hawk to respond,” he told Good Morning America. “Money and fame didn’t change him whatsoever. He jumped all over this and responded so quick.”

On Wednesday, Mikail shared a follow up video on TikTok showing Cooper and his older brother Tucker, 9, with their long blond hair and oversized shirts.

“I just wanna say thank you for the skateboard and you’re a really great skater,” Cooper said.

“I’m a huge fan and I really, really, really like you, and there’s a board coming your way, so be prepared,” Tucker added.

Tony later left a comment on the video: “Thanks boys! I’ll send something for Tucker too. And thank YOU Mikail for connecting all of us.”

According to the boys’ dad, Robby Morgan, the duo have been skating together for quite some time. They’ve been practicing in their backyard every day and “would be out there all day if they could.”

As it turns out, they got the hobby from their dad, who began skating with his younger brother when he was Tucker’s age.

“We both idolized Tony Hawk. A lot of kids got into skateboarding because of him. So this is a childhood dream of mine,” Robby told CNN. “Seeing the look of joy on their faces when they saw the video, and then when they got the package this morning, it’s been surreal.”

Who knows? Maybe after all this is over, we’ll see a video of Tony, Cooper, and Tucker skating together. We’ll definitely watch out for that!

Below is the video posted by the FedEx driver on Tiktok:

@fresh2deaf@tonyhawk ##fedex ##fedexlife ##fedexdriver♬ original sound – fresh2deaf

And here is Tony Hawk’s response;

@tonyhawk♬ original sound – tonyhawk

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