This video of a toddler comforting pet dog during a thunderstorm will surely melt your heart

Dogs can be our fiercest protectors, but that doesn’t mean they’re not afraid of anything.

No matter what breed, gender, or age they are, our canine friends seem to share one common fear: loud noises. Thunder, loud vehicles, and fireworks are the most common triggers of this phobia in dogs.

They’re also highly sensitive to changes in barometric pressure, and that anticipation can already trigger anxious reactions to thunder long before we humans hear it.


Since they can’t understand where these frightening noises are coming from, it’s up to you as the owner to help ease your dog’s anxiety. You’d think only adults can do this job, but you’re about to see that even little ones can be a dog’s greatest comfort-giver.

This viral video featuring a Golden retriever and a toddler is making rounds on the internet for its sweetness.

In the minute-long footage shared on Twitter by user @Cory_1077, a Golden retriever can be seen taking shelter in what appears to be his family’s laundry room when thunder struck.

“Well, this little guy is comforting his buddy during a thunderstorm……awwwwww,” @Cory_1077 wrote in the caption.

The pup was visibly frightened and was cowering in fear over the loud noise. Thankfully, he didn’t have to endure the agonizing moment alone.


As soon as he realized that his canine friend was afraid, a diapered toddler came to his rescue to assure him that everything will be alright.

The little boy kept hugging and petting the Golden retriever while he mumbled gibberish, as if telling him that he shouldn’t be frightened! Surely, the dog didn’t understand what the child was trying to say, but his loving presence was enough to calm him down.

It was clear from the toddler’s actions that he genuinely cared about the fearful canine’s feelings. And based on their sweet interaction, it looks like these two will grow up to be the best of friends!

So far, the video has garnered 918.4K views since it was posted on March 14.


People who saw the clip couldn’t help but express their admiration towards the kindhearted toddler.

“How touching. Such compassion at such a young age. I hope he never loses it…..” said @DavidMBerger3.

“Such loving empathy. Stay this way little one. The world needs people like you,” wrote @SusanEStein3.

Some were reminded of their experiences with their own dog.

“I used to do that with my late Weimaraner Beamer. <3 that dog,” shared @ACmimi2.

The adorable scene will definitely tug at the heartstrings of anyone who sees it. Prepare to get that warm fuzzy feeling and check it out in the video below.

Here are a few helpful tips on how you can make your dog feel safe in noisy environments.

1. Distract your dog by playing soothing music or white noise to block the frightening sounds. You can also distract your pooch by playing a game of fetch or tug. If your pet gets worried or can’t focus, try other methods.

2. Help your dog fight the fear. Make an audio recording of the sound that your dog fears and play it on a low volume, just enough not to bother your pet. Then, reward them with a unique treat—one that you don’t use for anything else—to reinforce calm behavior.
Raise the volume gradually over the next few days and keep giving them a special treat.

3. Help your pet find their safe place. If you’re at home and the fireworks or thunder starts, think about the places your dog goes to for peace and keep it open for them.

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