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The world falls in love with video of toddler ‘besties’ spotting each other on the street

Everybody needs a best friend, and these two adorable toddler ‘besties’ named Maxwell and Finnegan are lucky to have found it in each other.

When we haven’t seen our friends for months, we start to miss them, right? But for best friends Maxwell and Finnegan, who are both 2-years-old, two days without contact is enough for them to miss each other so much. This was made evident through a candid video taken by the Michael Cisneros, Maxwell’s father.

Courtesy of Michael D. Cisneros

In the short clip, the two ‘besties’ can be seen running towards each other in a tree-lined block, both of them shrieking excitedly as they were getting closer. When they finally meet, the toddlers proceeded to hug it out as if they haven’t seen each other for months when in fact, it has only been two days!

The boys were on their way home with their fathers when they ran into each other.

Michael says that the two besties, who have known each other for a year, are partners in crime.

“When they are away from each other, they are always asking about one another,” he told the media. “They go to music class together, Dana Banana (a weekly music event) and they love to dance — both are excellent dancers.”

Michael shared the adorable clip on Facebook, writing: “I have no idea how to make things go viral, for those that do……please share. This is just so beautiful. Finnegan + Maxwell= BESTIES!!! If we could all be like this.”

People who have seen the video couldn’t help but comment on how uplifting it was.

“Thank you for sharing this wonderful video of you gorgeous little boy and his best friend. I want to say your son has the best dads such a joy,” one user commented.

“All grownups should learn from this the pure and loving heart that a child has ….no color no race no hate but most important is full of love,” another one added.

It wasn’t long before the footage went viral, garnering 413,000 views as of writing. Various news outlets picked up the story, and the sweet meeting of two best friends has warmed the hearts of people all over the world!

Luckily, the ‘besties’, Maxwell and Finnegan live just a block apart, which means that they can hang out anytime they wish.

“They communicate with each other in ways we don’t understand, but they sure do,” Michael told HuffPost of the boys’ special bond.

Check out the clip of their heartwarming reunion below.

It would be so beautiful if Maxwell and Finnegan maintain this kind of friendship until they grow older – we really hope they do!

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