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Tiny dog out for potty break finds abandoned kitten on the street and leads it home to take shelter

Cats and dogs are often portrayed as enemies in cartoons and mainstream media, but that representation doesn’t always apply in real life. These animals can get along and sometimes even be best friends, just like this cat and dog in Abilene, Texas.

Monica Burks, 48, owns a three-year-old Yorkie-Chihuahua-poodle mix named Hazel. The dog brings joy to her owner’s face every single day with her sweet and playful attitude.

As little as this ball of fluff may be, Monica found Hazel has a big heart full of compassion. This trait was tested when the dog went out to potty and met a kitten on the way.

One day, Monica took Hazel outside for a potty break. It was raining at the time, so when the dog failed to return after a few minutes, Monica instantly became worried. She looked outside to see if her pet had gotten into some kind of trouble until she spotted her with someone else—a tiny kitten.

The kitten was alone by the road amid the pouring rain, and Hazel probably heard it whimpering. The kindhearted pup checked on the poor baby and instantly became attached to it, seeing how lonely and drenched it was.

Hazel knew just how she could help the kitten. She escorted the baby into her own house so she could meet her mom Monica.

The tiny animal followed Hazel a few steps before stopping, seemingly hesitating to go on. But the dog kept turning toward her, encouraging her new best friend to continue following her. It’s clear that Hazel wouldn’t give up on the frightened kitten.

Finally, the pair reached the front of the house. Monica was shocked upon seeing her dog bring in a new companion. And to remember this sweet moment forever, she whipped out her phone and recorded the entire scenario to share it with others.

“There must be something called pure love. I saw Hazel’s maternal instincts come to light,” she said.

You can hear the heavy rain pelting down in the video, but you can still make out the poor kitten. It takes a step back and seemingly planned to take off, but Hazel didn’t let it run away.

The kitten draws near to Hazel every time as if wondering who her rescuer is. She follows Hazel obediently while meowing loudly.

After several attempts, Hazel was able to lead the kitten to their front doorstep and the welcome mat. However, the baby was too tiny to climb the high step inside. So, the dog grabbed her by the scruff of her neck, and they went inside the house together.

As soon as they got inside the dry and warm house, the kitten rolled onto her back as if knowing that she’s finally safe.

Monica named the baby Sheba, and she took care of her under Hazel’s watchful eye. Her brother, Michael, ended up adopting the kitten.

Since Hazel and Sheba have already formed a tight bond from the day they met, their owners make sure that they get to spend time together.

Here’s the video of Hazel leading Sheba toward home.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.