Time magazine called this little girl in a headless costume the official Halloween Queen

Since the Philippines was conquered by the Spaniards, the last week of October until the 2nd day of November has always been spent by visiting the graves of their departed loved ones. In the cemetery, Filipino families would gather together to pray for the souls of the member of their family who already passed away.

But today, with the influence of the Western countries, trick-or-treating has become popular in the Philippines as well. Now, there are parades, marathons, and other activities which kids wearing both colorful and spooky costumes enjoy.

In fact, just recently a video of what appears to be a headless kid carrying her own head on a platter has been making noise online. The video posted by the kid’s mother on Facebook over the weekend was shared more than 300,000 times!

If the video was not taken in broad daylight, at first glance the 2-year-old Maya would really look like an apparition of a headless kid. The costume was intricately done that it looks so convincingly real.

In an interview with Coconuts Manila, Krystel Hwang, Maya’s mother, shared how she created Maya’s eerie costume which she had worn when she went trick or treating.

“[I]t’s just materials you can find at home,” Krystel’s mother shared. In the same interview, Krystel shared that due to the creativity it takes for her to bake themed it is not unusual for her to go all out with her kids’ costumes.

Also, Krystel pointed out that it was not only her who created Maya’s costume. According to the clever mom, she makes sure that the kids are very much involved in the process of creating their costumes.

“I ask them questions. I want them to be creative and resourceful at the same time,” Krystel shared. “It’s a learning experience for all of us, too.”

Maya was not the only one who was prepared to spook last Friday. Charlie, Maya’s 6-year-old sister dressed up as a butcher holding a knife and wearing a bloody apron. Charlie’s face was also made to look like a terrifying zombie.

Because Maya and Charlie are very much involved in the creation of their costumes, Krystel shared that her two daughters are not scared of spooky costumes anymore.

“They’re not scared because we made the costume together and my kids have watched Halloween makeup tutorials on YouTube and so they know it’s fake and it’s all makeup,” Krystel added.

Maya’s headless costume with her head on a platter is not the only impressive thing about her photo. People are also gushing over her candy container positioned on top of her “neck.”

“People gave second looks when they saw it. They were amazed how it was even possible, but in the end, they all think it’s cute and very smart.” Krystel shared.

In just a matter of 6 days, Maya’s spooky but charming video has been viewed 21 million times! In fact, the video is not only popular in the Philippines alone but as well as in other countries. Maya’s headless costume was shared in articles published in Greece, Japan, Sweden, Indonesia, Canada, and America!

Despite its astounding number of views and shares, Krystel could still not believe that Maya’s headless video is trending worldwide. In fact, it is so viral that it is on top of Google’s search list.

“It’s been surreal. We are in awe how a 9-second video of Maya that I took solely for our own viewing purposes have taken the internet and the whole world by storm. We have been contacted by different news companies and firms around the world,” she shared.

Watch Maya’s ‘eerie’ video below and see for yourself how the 2-year-old kid managed to spook the hearts of people all over the world!

Photos and Video | Kyrstel Hwang

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