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An 82-year-old navy veteran working at Walmart finally retires after viral TikTok leads to $186,000 GoFundMe

At 82 years old, Navy veteran Butch Marion still works to make ends meet, but the change to his retirement plan suddenly became massive! Thankfully, he came across a kind-hearted TikToker who raised thousands of money so he can finally retire. 

Rory McCarty went to Walmart in Maryland a few weeks ago to get some batteries and he was a bit surprised to be served by an elderly employee.

He was inspired by a TikTok video where a woman helped a Walmart employee retire early so he thought he would do the same for the man.

Butch Marion working at Walmart

TikTok | Rory McCarty

He eagerly made a video where Marion gave him a pack of batteries he bought. He posted the video on TikTok and it instantly garnered a lot of attention. McCarty asked Marion if he can raise some money for him and he agreed.

Soon after, he set up a GoFundMe for Marion and they were both surprised by how many people helped and how fast the money grew that definitely fast-tracked his retirement plan.

Marion working hard at Walmart

TikTok | Rory McCarty

In just two days, the GoFundMe gained $100,000 which Marion considered a Christmas miracle. He could not believe how much support he got and he kept asking himself, “This is real? How did I get so lucky?”

McCarty visited Marion at his workplace to give him the check that can instantly change his life. “Just never dreamed this would happen,” said McCarty. “I’m just so excited for him”.

In a TikTok video, the two were hugging while McCarty was handing Marion his check of over $186,000. They were both happy and excited about the new chapter of Marion’s life.

Marion serves McCarty at Walmart

TikTok | Rory McCarty

“I feel like a new man,” Marion said in a video clip. He shared that he has been working since he was 11 and despite being a Navy veteran, he had to work at Walmart to survive. He said he wanted to make good use of his money and spend it wisely.

Apart from paying his bills, he would use the money for some relaxation. He was also planning to go on a three-week trip to Florida and see his daughters and grandchildren he hasn’t seen in years.

Less than a month ago, McCarty and Marion were strangers but thanks to that fateful day, they bumped into each other and changed each other’s lives. Now, they are friends and they even met up with Rizzo for a meal.

Marion and McCarty in front of Walmart

TikTok | Rory McCarty

Elizabeth Rizzo is the woman who inspired McCarty to help other people by raising money for them. “I saw her video, and that’s what triggered me to do your video,” McCarty told Marion in a video clip. “So without her, all this couldn’t be possible.”

Finally, Marion was able to retire and say goodbye to his fellow Walmart employees. He also left a special message for all the people who helped and supported him.

McCarty posted a video of Marion’s last day at Walmart and wrote in the caption, “Butch wanted me to thank every one of you out there that contributed to this miracle that you gave him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

McCarty hands check to Marion


There are more TikTokers who have helped elderly people retire. One of these is Devan Bonagura. Like McCarty, he also saw an elderly woman working at Walmart and decided to post a video of her while taking a break.

It also garnered a lot of viewers and he set up a GoFundMe for her so she could retire and pay her mortgage. Nola, the elderly woman she helped is now enjoying the retirement she deserves after working for a long time.

Marion and McCarty hugging each other


Truly, there are lots of compassionate people who use social media as a venue to help other people and change their lives. May there be more of them in the years to come.

Watch this video and see how McCarty raised some money for Marion’s retirement:

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Barbara Brienze

Tuesday 10th of January 2023

Kindness so often overlooked and underused is a gift that keeps on giving

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