This teacher’s unique greeting game with her students before starting class has gone viral

A school is a place for students to study and learn. A place where they need to take examinations, do laboratory experiments, submit homework, and participate in various activities to evaluate what they have learned. With all of these responsibilities, it is no wonder why students rarely associate the word ‘fun’ with studying.

But one teacher from South Georgia is trying to make schools appear fun and inviting for the students. Thanks to her unique way of greeting her students, kids look forward to attending her classes every single day.

In order to make the school appear more fun, enjoyable, and friendly Jamie Judy devised a way to make the students’ greeting more personal.

In a now viral video, Jamie Judy who teaches kindergarten in Tift County can be seen having a unique greeting game with her students.

“When the children come in they get to choose one way to greet me and I respond with however they’ve chosen,” Judy explained.

From an idea she had found and adapted from Pinterest, Jamie’s students are allowed to choose whether they can hug, fist bump, or dance with her. Aside from these three sweet choices, the students also have another three more alternatives which they can choose from every single day.

“They’re like my family in here and so I wanted to have that welcoming and warm environment so getting them in the morning is special and important,” Judy explained when asked why she decided to incorporate the unique greeting style with her students.

The video, depicting Judy’s special greetings with her students, was uploaded on the Facebook account of Susan Parsons. In just a matter of 2 weeks, it has already reached 40 million views. In addition, people all over the internet have nothing but words of commendation for Judy’s dedication in her profession.

“This is so cool and cute” Joey Pina, a Facebook user said on the comment section.

“Love this idea!” Meanwhile, Paige Nicole Reimers, another Facebook user expressed how much she liked Judy’s Idea.

“Keep up the amazing work!!! I love this!!!” Heather Wood Reich, also a Facebook user encouraged Judy to continue doing a good job.

The netizens are not the only one who praised Judy for thinking outside the box. Even the principal of their academic institution is happy for her dedication and hard work.

“Teachers are stepping out of the box and doing some fun things to make school inviting for our kids,”  Principal Richard Fisher said. The principal also expressed his happiness for Judy’s fruit of labor.

“It’s definitely a way of validating a kindergarten teacher that works so hard and again create that community bond that she has with her students and families,” Principal Richard Fisher added.

Watch the video of Ms. Judy below and see how much of a big difference a special greeting could make on keeping the spirits of her students lively and vibrant!

Photos and Video | Susan Parsons

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