These were the priceless gifts my son left me to cherish with all my heart

Many years ago when my oldest son Trey was six years old, his brother was four and his sister was nine months, I had to go away to a hospital due to extreme physical and emotional stress.

That day, before my husband and my mother drove me to the hospital, I got down on my knee to put my arms around each of my sons. I told them that Mommy had to go away for a while but that I promised that I would be back.

While I was in the hospital and Trey was near the end of his kindergarten school year, my mother told me that his teacher had suggested that they bring Trey to visit me so that he could see that I was okay. Even through my stress, I was still able to remark on how proud I was of him when he showed me his report card.

After returning home, I wanted to talk to Trey. I said, “Trey, did you think that Mommy wasn’t coming home?

His reply was, “Oh no, Mommy. You promised and you always keep your promises.”

I cannot tell you how rewarding that was for me to hear that from my little six-year-old son.

Another time, when Trey was 13 years old, his father had thrown in a load of wash and went upstairs. Trey’s younger brother and sister, now 11 and 7 1/2, we’re outside playing after we had finished dinner.

When the washer stopped, I had gone into the laundry room to put the clothes in the dryer. For whatever reason, Trey had followed me. As I pulled the clothes from the washer, I realized and said that half of them were blue and that something had run.

With that, Trey started ringing his hands saying, “I hope that it wasn’t my shirt.“ I looked at him so upset and nervous and I said something like this:

Trey, you didn’t throw those clothes in the washer. And, even if you did, you wouldn’t have known that your shirt would run so in NO WAY could it ever be your fault.

With that, Trey left me to sort out the clothes, putting the blue ones on top of the dryer and the ones that weren’t affected into the dryer.

After leaving the laundry room, I joined my son in the family room where he was sitting in the recliner.

As I sat on the couch, Trey said to me: “Mom, you know what I like about you? You care more about people than you do about things.

It felt so good to hear these words from my 13-year-old son. I was amazed at his perception. And I was so very proud.

One fateful day… a day that shattered my soul, when Trey was 19 years old, he was killed by a drunk driver.

I miss him from the depths of my soul. I am comforted with the thought that by sharing my story someone would be inspired by it. These conversations between my son and me were gifts that my son left me to cherish with all my heart.

He’s always had my heart, and even though he’s been gone for almost 25 years, he always will. Not even death can separate the love we share.

With love, in memory of my son, Trey ❤️

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