Daughter records the wedding dance with her dying dad – 3 years early

The wedding dance

Just like the other girls, Meredith Parnell’s father has always been her first love. A wedding would not be complete and truly special without the traditional dance shared by a father-and-daughter.

Unfortunately, Meredith’s father, Lynn, who had battled against cancer for 12 years, was weakening as days passed by. Realizing that her father may not be able to live long enough to witness her wedding, Meredith thought of a brilliant and tear-jerking idea.

Meredith thought of making a video of her sharing a father-daughter dance with Lynn, while he still could. Lynn rested all day before filming in order to save all of his energy for the wedding dance he’ll share with his daughter. Meanwhile, Meredith borrowed a beautiful wedding dress.

Lynn shed a tear, upon seeing Meredith wearing the white gown, kissing her daughter’s hand before he stood up from his chair. The father-and-daughter shared their last dance, slowly turning in circles in the living room as a soft music echoed in the air.

For a moment, Meredith and Lynn were lost in their own world, savoring their last moments with each other. The father and daughter hugged each other tightly, not wanting to let go.

“When my Dad and I were dancing, he told me how proud he was of me and how beautiful I looked — it became very much what it’d be like at my real wedding,”

Meredith recalled the last dance she shared with her father last 2015. “That moment is priceless. He danced as long as he could before the strength ran out. What a gift.”

Two days after they filmed their traditional father-daughter dance, Lynn passed away.

Three years later, Meredith found herself playing the sentimental and emotional video of her last dance with her father, on her actual wedding ceremony with Bryan Kavanaugh. Ensuring that though her father couldn’t be with her in flesh, still his memory and spirit were there for Meredith on the most special day of her life.

To make the traditional dance even more meaningful, she and her mother danced with her brothers, Jared and Jason as the same song played in the reception hall.

“THIS is why preserving memories is so incredibly important to me, because when I want to remember the way he looked, the way he smiled, and the way he talked….photographs and videos help to keep those priceless memories alive. Because of the photos, because of the videos, my nephews, and my unborn children will know their Papa, and when I am old and my mind is senile, even if the technology back-ups fail, I have heirloom albums with his photos in them that will last for over 100 years. I’m covered.”

Meredith explained the importance of immortalizing memories through the help of today’s technology. With it, she was able to preserve a precious moment she had with her father.

Although Lynn was not with Meredith on her actual wedding, the father-daughter dance they shared in advance is enough to keep Lynn’s memory alive. It is a meaningful and sentimental reminder that somewhere up there, Meredith’s father is watching her with a smile painted on his face, truly happy that his daughter has found a man who can now take his place.

WATCH the heartwarming, tear-jerking, but truly beautiful wedding dance Meredith shared with her dying dad, taken three years before her actual wedding. Do not forget to grab your tissue for their last dance will surely leave you in tears!

Photos :  Meredith Parnell Kavanaugh |  Video : Love What Matters

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