The surprising benefits of your favorite color on your mind and mood

Color is an essential part of our lives. A lot of people are hesitant to incorporate color into it homes and in the clothes they wear.

Minimalism may have become a trend to declutter our lives, but it left us with dull colors of black, white, and gray. We love the extravagant colors of the outdoors but we want to keep our private spaces to the minimum. It is time to bring out your color palettes and add color to your life and home.

Know the benefits of each color and use them to your advantage.


Pink – It has a calming effect, especially to those experiencing violent episodes. Some prisons in Switzerland and the United States are painted pink because of this reason. While pink is strongly associated with femininity and delicacy, it is slowly becoming popular among men.


Orange – This color has the ability to comfort you. Singer Frank Sinatra called orange the happiest color. It also affects your confidence. Petitt explained that orange is associated with inner magnetism. No one wears orange and does not want to be noticed, don’t you think?


Black – While associated with grief and darkness, black signifies sophistication in fashion. French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir called black the queen of all colors and fashion gurus suggest that women keep a little black dress in their closet.


Yellow – Yellow is the color of sunshine, warmth, and happiness. It is also the color of hope, which is why during World War I, hospital wards were painted yellow in hope of healing shell-shocked soldiers. Yellow also improves the mood and help seasonal affective disorder, which is a type of depression that occurs each year during fall and winter. This disorder is believed to be influenced by the lack of sunlight – or color yellow.


Green – Green is associated with healthy things. This color helps us relax as it calms our retinas and nerves. Hospitals are full of the shades of green to encourage patients to relax.


Gold – This color signifies wealth and extravagance, which is why a lot of people are drawn to it. Chinese alchemists believed that people who drink gold in the form of elixirs will achieve longevity.


Red – Red makes us stronger, more alert, and more competitive. Red also implies attractiveness – this is the reason why cosmetics companies sell millions of red lipsticks each year.

Which color is for you?

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