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These TEN cozy ‘she sheds’ will convince you to build one in your backyard

Men have enjoyed “man caves” in their homes for so long. If you’re not familiar with this home design trend, a man cave is often situated in the basement or spare bedroom of a house.

It’s a place where men often seek refuge from the stresses of everyday life. There, they have their video games, sneakers collection, billiards tables, and everything else they’re interested in.

Since guys have these special sanctuaries, it’s only fair that women have their own place where they can rest and relax. If you’re a woman, you’d be happy to know that these havens actually do exist – they’re called she sheds!

Its purpose is quite similar to the man cave, with the only difference being that it is built separately from the main house. As the name implies, these little dwellings are usually located in the backyard and are roughly the same size as a garden hut.

There are no set rules for a she shed; its owner has the liberty to decorate and use it as she wishes. The most popular uses for a she shed include yoga studios, reading areas, and craft rooms.

Many companies sell pre-fabricated she sheds that can be accessorized and designed whichever way the owner wants. If you’re craving for a space that’s only yours, then she sheds are the perfect option!

They won’t require you to size up; all you need is ample space in your backyard to build one. Another great thing about she sheds is that they don’t require a building permit in many parts of the country.

Below, we’ve rounded up the most epic she sheds we found on the internet. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the exact style you’d want for your own in one of these cozy sheds!

This custom built she shed by Peek Creek Structures looks so homey. One could stay here all day!

This Glass Shed looks like a greenhouse and is perfect for plant-lovers who want an escape from the hubbub of everyday life.

If you’ve no use for your garage anymore, then turn it into a she shed! This barn-style one is colorful and tricked out with vintage furniture.

This DIY kit comes with everything you need to build an insulated backyard room. This she shed is perfect for women who work from home.

The colorful paint and bright textiles made all the difference in this adorable backyard shed.

Want to take your home theater experience to the next level? This movie house shed is every cinephile’s dream abode.

This brick shed seems like a great place to spend the night while enjoying a warm cup of chocolate.

This ultra-modern glass shed is ideal for women who have a taste for elegance and minimalism.

Nothing says “inviting” more than brightly-colored walls and a cozy-looking interior, just like this cute she shed.

Merely looking at this all-white she shed will make anyone feel relaxed. We bet it feels like heaven lounging inside it.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.