Teens praised for helping crying child who got on wrong bus home

One of a child’s worst fears is being left alone and getting lost in an unfamiliar place. Naturally, any kid in such situation would feel helpless and panicked, just like what an 11-year old boy in England experienced as he was on his way home from school.

Luckily, he didn’t have to face it alone, as three fellow students immediately came to his rescue.

On the way home from the first day at Holy Family Catholic High School, 15-year old Tom O’Brien, a Year 11 student, approached a group of kids on the bus to ask them how their first day went. While chatting with the younger kids, Tom noticed a boy crying nearby.

He approached the pupil to ask him what was wrong, and the Year 7 boy confessed that he had taken the wrong bus home. With each passing mile, he was getting further away from his home in Netherton.

Tom O’Brien | Courtesy of Kenny O’Brien

Understandably, the boy had no idea what to do and felt scared – he had no money and cellphone with him. Without hesitation, Tom took it upon himself to help the boy. 

“It’s ok mate, don’t worry, you’ll be home soon,” he told the sobbing boy. Tom, along with two Year 7 pupils named Dylan Robson and Harry Campbell, made sure that they will get the confused lad home safely.

Dylan Robson | Courtesy of Toni Robson

Tom handed him a ten-pound note and advised him to get off the next stop. Dylan googled cab companies and Tom booked a local Delta Taxi for the boy.

To make sure that he goes home safe, Dylan and Harry got off the bus with the boy and waited with him until his cab came to pick him up.

As if things couldn’t get any better, it is believed that the driver waived the fare when he learned that his passenger actually got lost. Talk about the domino effect of kindness!

Harry Campbell | Courtesy of Collette Campbell

A local mother, Ruth Furlong, decided to share this story on her Facebook after she heard about it through her son. Although she didn’t know Tom personally, she praised him for his good deed, saying “There really are some truly decent kids out there!”

“Alls I know is his name is Tom and he’s a year 11 pupil at Holy Family so if anyone knows him or his parents, let them know what a lovely lad they’ve raised! Faith in humanity restored a little today.”, Ruth wrote.


As Ruth’s post went viral, someone who knew Tom saw it and tagged his older sister, Katie O’Brien on the post.

She said “Ahhh everyone it was my little brother. I’ve just been tagged in this by a friend of mine who’s seen this status. We are so proud of Tom and it’s so lovely to know he’s a good lad in the outside world.”

“The school rang our mum and left a lovely message. All your comments are so so lovely they’ve had us all close to tears, Tom will hate all the attention.”, commented Katie on the Facebook post.


These boys’ act of kindness reached the headteacher at Holy Family, Matthew Symes, who said: “It is just lovely and at the start of the year it really sets the tone for everyone else.”

“Tom is an incredibly thoughtful and all-round good guy…. He was just pleased the boy had got home safe. He has set a great example in front of a whole bus of year sevens, who have all that worry and anxiety about the bigger kids.”, he added.

He also said that Tom’s kind deed is a brilliant example of older pupils looking out for the younger ones.

Holy Family Catholic High School

Good job to Tom, Dylan, and Harry! The selflessness and quick-thinking they exhibited are truly admirable. With all the negative reputation that young kids have been getting lately, it is refreshing to hear good stories being told about them. We hope that more students follow their example!

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