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When they learned driver can’t afford a tow truck, these teens pushed car 5 miles to her home

When this woman’s car broke down, these teenage boys didn’t hesitate to help – even when it meant pushing the vehicle over five miles.

Aeron McQuillin, 18, Bailey Campbell, 17, and Billy Tarbett, 15, were on a late-night run to a Tim Hortons in Fonthill, Ontario to get some drinks when they came across a smoking vehicle at the intersection.

The driver was a woman and she was alone. The boys then parked behind her to see why her car broke down and upon inspection, they discovered that the problem was a leak that caused the engine coolant and oil to mix.

They knew right then and there that the car was too dangerous to drive, let alone started.

The boys pushed the vehicle off the road and into the parking lot at Tim Hortons to inspect the damage more.

The driver told them that her roommate had to work at 5 am that morning and that she couldn’t afford a tow truck to her house – which was five miles away.

Despite the distance, the teenagers volunteered to push the vehicle. First, Aeron drove his car to the destination and got a ride back with Dan Morrison, a man who also stopped to help.

They grabbed bottles of water and a speaker and began pushing the Chevy Cobalt down Merrittville Highway. Dan was behind them in his Ford Escape with his hazards light on for safety.

Bailey said that they encountered a few obstacles during their trek. 300 yards from the starting point was a big hill.

Halfway through, the boys took a break and the car’s battery died. They had to charge it just to get it back to neutral mode.

After over an hour and a half of pushing, they finally made it to the woman’s home, whose full name the trio wasn’t able to get.

Bailey said that she was both thankful and amazed. They exchanged hugs and everyone went home to rest.

Dan snapped a few photos of the teenagers and shared them on Facebook, in the hopes that it goes viral so the boys “get the props they deserve.”

Unsurprisingly, the story got a lot of attention online, with many commenters praising the young men for their kind act.

Aeron also shared his side of the story, and towards the end wrote: “Our phones [were] blowing up with messages and Facebook notifications from total strangers, showing their appreciation and gratitude for our random act of kindness.”

“We hope more people can learn from this situation and not be afraid to lend a helping hand to those in need,” he added.

With all the negativity we hear and see in the news, we can’t help but crave for some positivity.

This story occurred in July of 2019 when it went viral. It’s always beautiful reminder that there are still good people in this world, and it also inspires readers to do the same by lending a helping hand to those who need it.

Well done, boys!

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