Teenager makes surprise visit to struggling dad on way to prom, goes viral

Do you remember how sweet and special your prom night in high school was? From the exciting process of choosing the right dress that would match the corsage of your date, to stepping on the dance floor to dance in a romantic song, prom night sure is one of the most anticipated events of an average high school student.

To the parents, prom night is just as special and important as it is to their children. After all, who wouldn’t be sentimental upon seeing your daughter and your son, who were once your delicate baby, clad in formal wears almost ready to brave the real world?

Thus, it is only understandable why parents are gushing to take a picture of their not-so-young child ready for their prom night.

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The father of the 18-year old Vanessa Macedo was quite sad about the fact that he would not be able to see his daughter in her beautiful prom dress. As much as he would like to see his daughter in her dashing dress, Joaquin has to attend to his food truck business.

Vanessa’s prom night fell on a weekend, and for those in the food business, weekends are when the business is the busiest with a lot of customers. Having to perform a father’s duty to provide for the family, Joaquin resigned with the thought of seeing his daughter wearing her prom dress in pictures instead.

Fortunately for the doting and hardworking father, his thoughtful ‘güerita’ has a sweet plan in her mind.

 “I pretty much already knew [he wouldn’t see me] because of [my parents] just starting their business and weekends are the busiest,” Vanessa shared in one of her interviews.

“My little sister was actually the one that was texting me and calling me about him wanting to see him. I just told her that before my pictures, I’d go surprise him.” 

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Vanessa just cannot let her father not see her wearing the colorful prom dress before her prom night starts. With determination and with the support of her prom date, Vanessa went to Leggett street and Dave Avenue in Porterville, California to visit their family food truck: Frutas Jalisco.

Clueless about the plan his daughter has in store for him, Joaquin surely was surprised to see his daughter standing in the door of their food truck wearing her gorgeous dress. In a just a few seconds, Joaquin recovered from his astonishment, and the surprise in his face was replaced with a sentimental smile.

Touched by his daughter’s thoughtfulness. Joaquin cannot help but walk towards Vanessa to give her a hug and a kiss. Afterward, Joaquin and Vanessa posed for the traditional prom picture parents take with their not-so-little kid.

The thoughtful and sweet surprise she prepared for her father was uploaded on Vanessa’s twitter.

What she originally thought as something she and her father would only appreciate, attracted a lot of attention and was retweeted for more than 20,000 times.

A lot of people found Vanessa’s surprise as truly touching and sweet, while some expressed admiration to the hardworking Joaquin.

What makes the sweet gesture of Vanessa, is that people are interested as well to support their family food truck. The world sure is still filled with goodness!

Watch the video to see the sweet surprise of Vanessa to her hardworking father. Truly, it is refreshing to see children exerting effort and going the extra mile just to make their parents smile.

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