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After walking 6 miles to graduation, the teen was gifted a new bike, and his family was surprised with minivan

One attribute stands as the core of success in the pursuit of our objectives and aspirations: dedication. It is an unrelenting dedication to our goals, realizing that hard work and determination are required to make aspirations a reality.

Dedication recognizes that the road to success is rarely smooth and without obstacles. It recognizes the probability of setbacks, disappointments, and times of doubt but refuses to be discouraged.

Instead, dedication fuels our resolve, encouraging us to press on, learn from our failures, and change our techniques to pursue our goals.

Xavier Jones, a remarkable 14-year-old hailing from Missouri, exemplifies unwavering dedication as he undertook an extraordinary accomplishment to attend his eighth-grade graduation, which later had his family gifted a minivan by NFL stars.

Undeterred by the lack of transportation options, he made a strategy that would let him travel the 6-mile distance from Florissant Avenue to Yeatman Middle School, where his dreams of crossing the graduation stage awaited.

Unbeknownst to his grandfather and the school personnel, Xavier hatched a plan to get there on foot. Using Google Maps to chart his course, he uncovered the seemingly achievable walking distance that would bring him closer to his goal.

With determination in his heart and a clear vision, Xavier confidently declared, “I could probably make it.”

But Xavier’s quest was not one he would undertake alone. Recognizing the significance of his journey, he gets the help of his brother and a friend, who willingly join him on this remarkable 6-mile journey.

“I wanted to walk across the stage,” he said. “If you want something done, you gotta go ahead and do it yourself.” 

Xavier’s six miles of dedication went viral and touched many hearts when his family was gifted a minivan by Miami Dolphins star Terron Armstead.

“We hear a story like Xavier. It’s only right,” Armstead said. “Follow Xavier’s example. He’s a leader whether he wants to be or not. His story is inspiring. It’s motivating. That’s what leaders do.”

He also received an electric bike during a celebrity basketball game with the NFL players, giving him two options to go around, according to WVVA.

Xavier’s dedication and determination to get to his graduation resonated deeply with the administration of Harris-Stowe State University.

Recognizing the challenges many students face in their region, the university was moved to step forward and support this exceptional teen in furthering his education.

Dr. Latonia Collins Smith, President of Harris Stowe University, emphasized the importance of acknowledging the unique journeys that students embark upon.

“Many of our students come with a story, and many of our students come with environmental barriers they have overcome or are currently overcoming,” she stated, highlighting the resilience and determination exhibited by Xavier and his peers.

After Xavier’s family was gifted a minivan by the NFL star, Harris-Stowe State University, in a remarkable show of support and commitment to his future, awarded him a prestigious presidential scholarship, granting him a full ride to the university.

This comprehensive scholarship encompasses not only tuition but also covers the costs of books and fees, providing Xavier with an opportunity to pursue his academic aspirations without the burden of financial constraints.

President Collins Smith’s decision to offer Xavier this transformative scholarship was driven by a deep sense of compassion and recognition of his immense potential, per KMOV4.

“I just led with my heart, and I followed my heart, and my heart said this is a kid that needs a scholarship,” she expressed, highlighting the profound impact that Xavier’s dedication and commitment had on the university community.

“At the end of the rainbow, there’s a pot of gold. I learned a lot from Xavier that day,” says President Collins Smith.” Even on your worst day, keep pressing forward.”

“If you want something done, you got to go ahead and do it yourself,” Xavier said.

Watch Xavier’s inspiring six-mile dedication below:

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Thursday 8th of June 2023

Really love hearing that there are those that make a difference in young kids lives !

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.