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Teen using sign language to help her dad enjoy a rock concert will melt your heart

The amazing tandem of music-loving father and daughter communicating through sign language made the Three Days Grace concert in Edmonton, Canada more fun and meaningful.

This wonderful moment was captured in a video on December 2018 and inspired the world as it went viral on Facebook and other social media networks.

In the video, a young woman is dancing and singing while signing the lyrics for her father. It can also be seen that the man was dancing into the beat of the music and enjoying the concert.

Daughter doing sign language


The young woman caught the attention of other concert-goers but at first, they did not understand what she was actually doing.

Jules Cragg, the woman who uploaded the video on Facebook, said, “At last night’s concert, we witnessed something absolutely beautiful. We saw this girl and a man who seemed to require a lot of dancing room, irritating at first until we realized what was happening.”

Her father is deaf; she was signing the lyrics to him. Apparently, the video went viral and has been viewed 17 million times on Facebook.

“We couldn’t care less about what was happening on stage, watching them was absolutely mesmerizing.” 

The daughter who was seen using the sign language in the video was 19-year-old Karry Carberry and the man she was signing the lyrics for was her 53-year-old father, Darrin.

He was born deaf and though he had a hearing aid in one of his ears, Karry still made an extra effort to sign the lyrics of the song so her father could understand them and enjoy the concert, too.

daughter performing sing language for dad


According to Karry, “It was really in the moment. It wasn’t really for anyone else, just so that he could enjoy it as much as I did.”

Karry added, “He is the one who got me listening to the band. When I saw they were going to be in Edmonton, my dad was the first person I asked to go with me.”

This simple gesture from Karry apparently touched Darrin’s heart and made him really proud of his daughter. Darrin said, “It was absolutely beautiful to see my daughter signing in front of me. I was blown away.”

The video quickly made rounds globally and a lot of people who have seen the video were greatly touched and inspired by the father-daughter relationship of Karry and Darrin.

Dad at the concert


Thousands of people commented on the video, saying how sweet the father and daughter were. According to one of the commenters, Andrew Morales, “Daughter/father true love for each other. She’s a beautiful young lady with a beautiful heart.”

Marcelle Curry, another commenter wrote, “I think it’s fabulous to include her father into the music scene and not leave him out, my son is profoundly deaf and I taught him to dance he can’t hear the music but can feel the vibration on the floor.”

After the video surfaced on the Internet, Karry received a lot of heartfelt messages from people all over the world.

Karry said, “I feel absolutely shocked and amazed at all of the views and responses we have been getting! It’s an amazing feeling and we’re both very happy that everyone around the world is enjoying it so much.”

Dad and daughter at the concert


The video also caught the attention of the rock band. “This is the coolest thing on the Internet right now! So sweet,” Three Days Grace wrote on Facebook. The band’s drummer, Neil Sanderson even messaged Karri, saying how amazing the moment was. “For one of them to reach out personally was really cool,” Karri said.

On the one hand, Darrin was grateful that because of the video, people were starting to think about music, sign language and deaf people. Darrin said, “To see something like this has probably made a lot of people think differently, think better about sign language and what deaf people go through.”

Watch the 30-second clip that touched the hearts of thousands of people around the world:

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