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Photo of teen shading woman with umbrella draws praise online

It is amazing how a Texan young man, named Louis Jordan, reminded us that there is still a reason to always believe in the goodness of people.

The Texan teenager, was simply waiting for his mother when he acted on his kindness, not knowing that someone was watching him.

Read the whole story as to why his simple act of kindness touched thousands of people:

The kindhearted young man, Louis Jordan, was waiting for his mother in downtown Houston to give her a ride home from work. It was unbearably hot and was thankful to wait for his mother inside an air-conditioned car. It was around this time that he noticed a stranger waiting for a ride under the scorching heat.

“It was unbearably hot. I wouldn’t want to be out there in the sun,” Jordan told in an interview.

Jordan grabbed an umbrella and quickly ran towards the woman to keep her shade, protecting her from the direct heat coming from the scorching sun.

The stranger who is a woman confined in a wheelchair, Michelle, turned out to be waiting for her Houston METRO Lift. Michelle shares how she was wary of Jordan’s presence at first, and was relieved when she realized his intention is good.

It took an hour and 45 minutes before METRO Lift arrived, and Jordan patiently kept Michelle’s company, still holding an umbrella over her. While waiting for the lift to come, Jordan and Michelle spent time knowing each other.

Earning a friend from his good deed, whenever he sees Michelle waiting for a ride again, he would grab an umbrella to keep her shaded and enjoy catching up with her.

“We laugh, joke. She’s in a book club,” Jordan shared in one of his interviews. “Come to find out, she likes pork chops.” Jordan added.

Jordan was simply doing what he thought was the right thing to do, unbeknownst to him, a cop was watching him and michelle, noting of the good character he has displayed.

I’m a proud mama,” Jordan’s mother, Vernette Botts exclaimed in an interview. She also shared how this was not the first time her son acted on his kindness. According to Vernette, it was his son, Jordan, who saved his mother who was trapped during Hurricane Harvey just last year.

She was trapped inside, four feet of water, no power,” Vernette shared, recalling the heroism and kindness of her son. “He called me back from my mom’s and said, ‘I got her.'”

It was Vernette who took the photo of his son, Michelle, and the cop who commended Jordan’s good will. Being a proud mother, she uploaded the picture online and it has been shared over a thousand of times. People just can’t help but be touched by Jordan’s act of kindness.

Jordan shared how there are a lot of ways we could help others everyday, in fact he prays to God to be of help to people everyday. The young man shared that he’s been down as well before and knew how it’s like to need help. Indeed, no matter how big or small, an act of kindness will always go a long way.

Watch to see how a simple act of kindness could remind us that the world is still filled with people full of kindness.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.