Kansas teen will get high school and Harvard diplomas in same month

Being a student is not the easiest role in the world. There are deadlines to meet, projects to submit, papers to write, reports and recitations to pass. It’s also even more challenging for those who are running for honors and who are doing an extra to job to make their way to the top. There are also some who are fine with just merely passing their subjects, and there is clearly nothing wrong with that.

Performance and pacing in terms of academics is different for everybody. But Kansas teen, Braxton Moral takes “different” to a whole other level, because he is the only teen who will successfully earn his high school degree and bachelor’s degree all at the same time. Yes, you read that right. He doesn’t have to go through four to five years of sitting in class to get a bachelor’s degree. Here’s why.

Sandra J. Milburn | The Hutchinson News via AP

When Braxton was in his third grade, his father, Carlos Moral already noticed that he was special. Authorities in his elementary school emphasized this by through Carlos by saying: “You need to do something. He’s not just gifted. He’s really, really gifted.

Braxton’s parents took him to Seward County Community Challenge to get tested, and according to Carlos, the facilitators even thought that the machine was broken. Braxton’s scale went beyond an associate’s degree. And true enough, Braxton skipped fourth grade.

During his stay in Ulysses in middle school, he was allowed to take high school classes in Fort Hays State University. But the real deal came when the Talent Identification Program of Duke University told his parents to contact Harvard.

Braxton skipped fourth grade (Sandra J. Milburn/The Hutchinson News via AP)

The gifted child had to meet numerous expectations set by the prestigious university. He was asked to take an expository writing class while attending a summer Boy Scout camp. Harvard gave him another class after this, and eventually admitted him.

Braxton’s parents didn’t want to rush his stay in high school. Despite his special gifts, they wanted him to experience high school like a normal high schooler would do, because they believe that it will help him with his social skills.

So I sat down one day and looked at the requirements to graduate from the high school and from Harvard and made a four-year chart/plan that made it happen.” Julie said. And as expected, they said yes.

Courtesy of Julie Moral

Harvard Extension School is where Braxton was admitted. It’s a program that serves working adults and have circumstances that does not allow them to go to school on a regular basis. The program is perfect for Braxton considering that he’s taking his high school class together with his college classes all at the same time. The program was just right for him.

Braxton’s dreams and achievements doesn’t stop here. Just this year, he took the law admission test in Harvard, which is his lifelong dream. They say he acquired a score that was “fairly close” but it still wasn’t enough for Harvard Law School standards.

After this incident, he received an email from Columbia asking him to apply to their law school, but Braxton didn’t want to give up on his dream and decided to take the exam the following year. It’s not impossible, knowing that an 18-year old got a “fairly close” score with just one try. And not to mention, it’s Harvard Law School.

Braxton Moral is indeed an inspiration, especially to his fellow young students. He may be born gifted, but a gift always comes to life when accompanied by commitment and serious dedication. May this serve as a motivation to everyone trying to achieve their goals!

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