Teen shared before and after weight loss photos, incredible transformation

A lot of people have inspired others when they share their before and after weight loss on social media. Such is the story of Josephine.

Some people hide behind their shell as a result of being mocked because of being overweight, but we know one particular teenager who was brave enough to come out of her hiding and overcome the challenges of losing weight.

Josephine Desgrand is a 17-year old girl from Queensland, Australia. If you’ve ever been overweight, you probably know how much hardship people go through, not only with the constant ridicule you get from others but also with one’s self-esteem.

Having weighed 300-pounds at her heaviest, Josephine had it much for worse. She was often the subject of every joke inside the classroom.

Josephine didn’t just wake up and decide she could achieve a healthy and lean body if she wanted to. Just like anyone who has been overweight or obese, Josephine also experienced locking herself up in her room, hiding from the world, and thinking that she’ll never be able to shed all those pounds.

I hated myself and the way I looked. I didn’t have any friends and I just didn’t like going out in public,’ Josie said.

But when her senior year was nearing, she started dreaming about wearing a form-fitting dress on her prom. That was what initially motivated her to go on a low-carb and no sugar diet for a span of two years.

Josephine knew that it was going to take a while for her to achieve the body that she wanted, but instead of feeling sorry for herself, she decided to give weight loss a shot.

It took her awhile to see results, but that didn’t stop her from moving forward with her goals. In about 12 months, she lost 63 kgs. Looking at her before and after weight loss, many have been inspired by her journey.

Aside from losing weight and achieving a more attractive physique, Josephine also saw her diet as her way to a lifestyle change.

It wasn’t easy, Josephine admitted. There were lots of challenges and roadblocks along the way, but if you want something that much, you have to be willing to sacrifice for it. Two years after she began her lifestyle change, Josephine finally achieved her well-deserved physique and was able to handpick a dress perfect for her prom.

But now, my confidence has skyrocketed. I’m the lead in the school musical and found the perfect dress for my formal next month. I don’t have to wear plus size!‘ Josie said triumphantly.

When she shared her before and after weight loss photos on Instagram, Josephine now serves as a light for other teenagers who are struggling with self-esteem issues.

Aside from the before-after-photos that Josephine posted on her Instagram account, she has also become fond of posting dieting and lifestyle tips to serve as an inspiration to other youths who are constantly being bullied and want to change their body.

I don’t want to touch a single piece of chocolate again in my life! That’s my choice. Living a healthy lifestyle is the best decision I have ever made. Sixty kilos down and feeling amazing,‘ these were the words she used in one of her social media posts.

She advises people not to limit their healthy lifestyle to what they eat or drink. On one of Josephine’s Instagram post, she said that people should also be mindful of their mental health, as well as that of others. That means, they should also watch what they think and say.

All photos via Josie Desgrand.

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  1. I hope that through this amazing accomplishment, you also discover that your inner beauty doesn’t hinge on how your outer self appears, but how you always feel strong for who you areas a whole…mind, heart and body. <3 allow the treasure inside of you to be the main feature of you as a person, accented by the lovely packaging we see before us. Congratulations on your amazing accomplishments and strength.

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