7 Replies to “Frustrated teacher urges parents to stop ‘coddling and enabling their children’ in viral post”

  1. BRAVO to this teacher! May she get more teachers to stand with her and correct this nonsense.

  2. Regardless of how tough it is, it is Parents responsibility to teach their children about respect and responsibility. When we choose to have children we choose everything that comes with being a Parent. When I was growing up one of three children with a single Parent my Mother did what needed to be done and her job was a bit easier by holding us accountable and ensuring we respected our elders and Teachers. I agree with everything this Teacher said and I hope people pay attention.

  3. My daughter is a teacher and she has been threatened with guns was told by one student that he was going to shoot her and put the gun on her headstone. Know what happened to him…he was sent home for the rest of the day, back to school the next day. She was reprimanded for stop in one student from smashing another student over the head with his desk. This is how teachers get backed up from there “support” staff. She said every year it’s worse. It’s to the point the she doesn’t want to go back next year and I don’t blame her. From spending 16 hours at school a day to have no “support” from the ones that are supposed to help. To the parents they call to try and get support from home and get told off. Teachers don’t get paid enough for all the hours they work and the abuse they have to talk from the kids, parents and staff. I am surprised that they have any teachers at all!!!

  4. A lot of parent do want to spend time with there kids but they have jobs too to take care of there kids they have job stress too not just the teachers I had some good teachers and some bad one they are not all saints

  5. If the student doesn’t turn in work, flunk them. If that student destroys school or the teacher’s property, bill them and if they don’t compensate, flunk them. If a parent hounds a teacher when that parent doesn’t take the time to deal with the student, flunk the student and refuse to let them back in that school. When I was in school, the principal didn’t tolerate these kind of students or those kinds of parents. The unwritten rule was, you don’t do the work you don’t get passed to the next grade.

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