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Artist crafts very detailed tiny paper flowers, they look as realistic as actual garden blooms

Paper is a favorite medium among artists because it’s one of the easiest materials to work with. Even non-creative folk can manipulate it to produce modest art, such as paper planes, boats, origami pieces, and paper-mache models. Folding, cutting, and styling paper in a certain way may seem like simple actions, but they could result in the most incredible pieces of art when mastered.

Russian artist Tania Lissova is undoubtedly an expert at what she does – making tiny hand-crafted paper flower bouquets. You couldn’t be more wrong if you’re thinking plain paper cut-outs in the shape of flowers. This artist’s creations look as realistic as actual flowers in your garden, and they’re so cute you’d want to get them all!

Tania, who hails from Tyumen, Russia, studied architecture and art and specialized in modeling and drawing before dedicating herself to creating miniature nature-themed crafts. The techniques and notions she learned during her years at university proved especially useful for her current art niche.

Her artworks are so small that she can’t use regular scissors to make them. Instead, she works with small and very thin blade cutters. This allows her to achieve the precision required to produce tiny and intricate shapes and designs.

Tania glues together several individual hand-cut pieces with the utmost care, and though they may be small, these lovely bloom arrangements boast of impressive detail. If you observe each flower and leaf more closely, you’ll see that Tania alternates the color of paper in certain places to give her creations a three-dimensional look. This clever technique makes her plants look more lifelike.

While Tania has printed materials such as posters and stickers, much of her craft is cut from paper and pasted together to form a variety of blooms such as peonies, daisies, chamomiles, columbines, sunflowers, wild dill, chrysanthemum, and more! You name the flower/plant; she probably has created a small version of it.

Aside from flowers, Tania also works on adorable pots of plants, such as cacti, palm trees, fig trees, and more. Once the flower bouquets and potted plants are complete, she glues them onto postcards, collages, and framed pictures to serve as their backdrop.
One of her most popular collage creations is the Floral Composition, which features a varying number of delicately hand-cut flowers glued onto starch white paper.

In her Envelope Full of Wildflowers collection, Tania has found an alternative to pots. Instead of “planting” her unique flowers in their usual container, she glued 13 of them to an open envelope, making it appear as if the blooms were “growing” out of it.

If you’re as fascinated as we are with Tania’s attractive artworks, the good news is that they’re all available in her Etsy shop. Some of them come individually, while others come glued to little paintings depicting rooms decorated with small paper plants.

Check out more of her flower creations in the gallery below.

We’re sure you can’t get enough of this artist’s dainty creations. If you want to see more of Tania’s brilliant work, you can follow her on Instagram.

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