The Tale of Two Mothers: Which One Are You?

Mothers always have high hopes for their children. Every mother wants her child to succeed and for their dreams to be turned into reality.

But above all things, what we should be wishing is for our child to be one thing – a kind-hearted person. And to be able to raise a kind-hearted person, we need more than just teach our children what’s right and wrong; we have to show them how to be kind – for our children will always learn more from what we are than what we teach.


Such is the story submitted to us by Chit Lumibao, who has witnessed how different two mothers can be when it comes to molding their child’s values:

Once upon a sunny day in my daily life as a train passenger, I came across two pairs of mother and son, both aged 6 or 7. One pair were sitting on my left side and the other pair on my right.

Usually, if a passenger accompanies a child, they are supposed to sit on a designated area for passengers with children, PWD (Persons With Disability), senior citizens, and pregnant women.

But both mothers chose to stay on a regular seat.

train people

pixabay / Engin Akyurt

As the train starts to leave from the first station, I overheard the mothers talking to their sons.

The mother on my left was whispering to her son saying, “Go to sleep”. But the child said, “I’m not sleepy”.

Then the mother said, “just pretend you’re sleeping so that no one will ask you to stand up. This is why I chose to stay here instead of the designated area where we should be.”


Meanwhile on the other side:

The boy was talking to his mother saying, “Mom, why do we sit here instead of the area where we should be?”

And his mother said, “Because there are other passengers who deserved to be seated there instead of us.”

When we received this submission and read it, we were reminded of this quote:

toughen up

Submitted to Positive Outlooks by Chit Lumibao

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