Taking a cruise vacation has mental and emotional health benefits, study finds

Overworked, stressed out, mentally drained, and so on – there are so many negative things affecting our lives that we feel we need something to help us unwind.

Sure, partying on weekends may help in letting you blow off some steam; but why settle for something that’s going to give you temporary relief, when you can go for something bigger that can leave you feeling relaxed for a long time?

New studies from the University of China have revealed that cruises are beneficial to people. Apparently, cruising generally improves your heart, mental, as well as emotional condition.

Additionally, according to this research, the positive vibes cruises leave passengers with can last up to six months.

If you frequently visit the area around the Port of Miami, your attention may have been caught by this boxy cruise ship that looks more like an expensive condo rather than a ship. This head turner is one of the most recent addition to MSC cruise line, Seaside.

MSC Seaside can carry up to 5119 passengers and travels to the Caribbean on a week-long trip.

Having a total of 2067 staterooms and 13 decks, Seaside is truly a majestic thing to behold. The cruise ship was specifically designed to have a broader, boxy shape to provide more space and accommodate everything Seaside has to offer today.

MSC Seaside was just given the Best New Ship Award by the Cruise Critics last December 2017. And, with the impressive features of the ship, this is not even surprising.

The cruise ship has 20 upscale bars and lounges, a total of 10 spots you can dine in to select from, and five specialty restaurants. Eateries were carefully chosen. Even the world renowned chef, Roy Yamaguchi, shares his specialties aboard. The specialty restaurants include Asian Market Kitchen, Butcher’s Cut, and, if you’re looking for French cuisine, the Bistrot la Boheme.

MSC Seaside, Pan Asian restaurant

Seaside offers outdoor dining, and its two family buffets are located near its outdoor space to offer spectacular views. Other sought after outdoor activities include Seaside’s outdoor spa.

The ship has six swimming pools, one of which may be covered and turned into a dance floor during the night.

MSC Seaside is a place for kids and kids at heart, too.


It has an aqua park as well as a sports arena. Its aqua park features five slides in total, two of which are high speed racing. Seaside also has an AquaSpray park and an AquaPlay area.

If you’re not a fan of simply relaxing and you’re always looking for adventure and thrill, the ship would not disappoint you.


MSC Seaside has a long zipline where passengers can ride for free. Another talked about feature of the cruise ship are the glass skywalks which can give you this feeling of walking directly over the water.

And if that’s not inviting enough, the ship has a huge LED display on its four-deck atrium.

LED Display

The LED images mostly display underwater scenes, such as jellyfish and other plant life images. Apart from this state-of-the-art display of technology, MSC Seaside also has touch screen displays in its cabins where passengers can make restaurant reservations and book other appointments. Digital wristbands are given to guests to access services on board.

Everybody needs a break. From time to time, we need to pamper and reward ourselves for all the things we work hard for and for all the stress we go through. Don’t deprive yourself of the opportunity to unwind and have a good time.

Go on a cruise with your family to enjoy and even improve your health (even science says so!). And, if you’re worried that it costs too much, keep in mind that you can always earn money again in the future, but the experience? That’s something you can’t put a price on.

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