A rare baby zebra in Kenya was born with black and white polka dots instead of stripes

A zebra foal in Kenya is attracting attention worldwide with its unique appearance. Instead of striking black-and-white stripes, this one boasts a dark coat covered with white dots. Wildlife photographer Frank Liu was searching for rhinos recently in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve when he spotted the rare zebra. “At first glance he looked like

Albino elephant calf caught in a snare inspires world with her incredible journey to recovery

This albino elephant calf rescued from a poaching snare inspired the world with her incredible strength and resilience. Here is her story. Khanyisa came to Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development (HERD) in South Africa on January 8, 2020, in the worst condition. The four-month-old calf had a snare wrapped around her head, which severed the

Utah officials happy to see animals using wildlife overpass built above busy highway

Instances of road accidents involving animals are becoming more inevitable with the construction of highways all over the world. To address this growing problem, Utah officials built a wildlife overpass that animals can use to go from one side of the road to the other. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources erected the bridge in

Woman installs camera to bird feeder to capture images of birds, see the stunning pics here

People often associate birds with the concept of freedom because of their ability to fly. Aside from this, another feature that makes these creatures so fascinating is the diversity of their species. They come in all sizes and colors, making them a favorite subject among wildlife photographers. When Lisa M. Ca moved from Germany to

Photographer captures stunning images of polar bears playing in flower fields

When we think of polar bears, we automatically picture them in the Arctic, surrounded by snowy and icy landscapes. This image has been deeply ingrained in our minds that it’s hard to imagine these furry giants in any other environment. The North experiences changing seasons, too. And as summer arrives, polar bears come out and

This orangutan saw a man wading in snake-infested water and decided to offer a helping hand

Images of this heartwarming encounter between a man and an orangutan is currently making headlines all over the world. In the viral photo, the ape appeared to be extending a helping hand to a forest warden wading in a snake-infested river. An amateur photographer from Indonesia named Anil Prabhakar was there at the protected conservation