Couple sees photo of saddest shelter dog and drives 6 hours to get him

According to recent pet statistics, there are about 6.5 million companion animals entering the U.S. animal shelters each year. Sadly, out of these whopping number, only about 3.2 million of these wonderful animals are adopted annually. So what happens to the rest of the animals left in care of the shelters? In a documentary photography

Camera catches woman’s compassionate gesture for a cold stray dog

It is always easy to do the right thing when the whole world is watching. But the things that  truly define us are what we do when no one is looking. The integrity and character of a woman in Turkey has been tested when her sweet and kind gesture caught on camera went viral online.

Two circus elephants reunited after 22 years of separation – camera captures moment they recognized each other

The old adage “elephants never forget…” became popular for a reason. And though the saying may sound like an exaggeration, the memory of an elephant turned out be to even better than humans. With their brain weighing an average of 5 kilograms, they have a lot of memory space for their remarkable experiences. In the wild,