Missing dog returns home with two new friends he’d made along the way

For animal lovers, pets are treated as a precious member of their family. Thus, in the event that their beloved pet goes missing, it is only normal for them to be frantically worried. Kylie Krier and his wife Laura of Concordia, Kansas knew how it felt like to not get a good sleep at night

Two circus elephants reunited after 22 years of separation – camera captures moment they recognized each other

The old adage “elephants never forget…” became popular for a reason. And though the saying may sound like an exaggeration, the memory of an elephant turned out be to even better than humans. With their brain weighing an average of 5 kilograms, they have a lot of memory space for their remarkable experiences. In the wild,

Puppy returned to shelter twice can’t believe she finally has a mom

According to statistics, there are over 7.6 million of pets residing in animal shelters in a year. Out of these overwhelming figure there are 3.9 million of dogs longing to be cared, loved, and have a place to call their own. Sadly only about 1.4 million of dogs are welcomed in a new family. Despite

Rural hospital doctor sews a baby blanket for every newborn he delivers

Dr. Erik Bostrom of Aitkin, who works in Riverwood Healthcare Center in Minnesota does not have the power to time travel, but the doctor is making noise online for his remarkable skills- stitching! And no, we are not talking about surgical sutures but actual fabric stitching! The kindhearted doctor from the rural hospital is doing

Construction worker plays real-life game of ‘Where’s Waldo?’ with kids in hospital across the street

Sporting his trademark red and white striped shirt, knitted pom-pom tipped cap, and walking cane- who would not be be familiar with Waldo?! Always appearing on random places (well, at least on puzzle books), Waldo who was brought to life by Martin Handford has been a companion of children since 1987. Searching for Waldo who