They built a ‘small city’ comprised of 49 tiny homes to give homeless veterans a safe place to live

Returning to civilian life is tough for most veterans. Many find themselves suffering from mental health issues, struggling to access healthcare, jobs, and ultimately, homes. Thanks to some non-profit organizations some are given the help they badly need. After putting their lives on the line, our veterans deserve to live good lives. Unfortunately, that isn’t … Read more

Rockstar Bon Jovi honors veterans with PTSD in new song, ‘Unbroken’

The award-winning rockstar Jon Bon Jovi came up with a new, heart-warming song that honors veterans with PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD is a mental illness common among veterans and is described as an “over-expression of psychological and mental processes.” Having witnessed and experienced traumatic events such as war, veterans are very susceptible to … Read more

Mailman spends his day off cleaning headstones of fallen soldiers

While most of us would rather spend our day off from work relaxing, running errands, or binge-watching our current favorite series, this man chose to spend his in a more meaningful way. Florida mailman Clarence Hollowell works from Monday to Saturday delivering mail for the Jacksonville Beach Post Office. But when his day off comes, … Read more