Toddlers reunite after forming special bond in the hospital as they battled cancer, both are now in remission

Friendships that bloom during difficult times are extra special. That’s what grew between 3-year-olds Mack Porter and Payson Altice while receiving treatment and battled cancer at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. The pair became fast friends while battling cancer together at the Arizona hospital. Thankfully, both have gone into remission and were sent home earlier this summer. … Read more

Inspiring 3-year-old twins with Down syndrome have become social media stars

With their infectious smiles and inherent cuteness, it is no wonder why Nampa boys Charlie and Milo McConnel have been inspiring so many people and became internet stars. What makes these three-year-olds even more special is that they are actually fraternal twins,  providing inspiration to their followers around the world and helping raise awareness about … Read more