Kentucky school principal steps up to bring kids home amid shortage of bus drivers

Janet Throgmorton knows that being a principal meant that she would have to wear many hats. Because of the world’s current situation, the devoted educator was compelled to fulfill a new and essential role. “Miss Janet,” as her students call her, recently became Fancy Farm Elementary’s newest school bus driver. She stepped up and assumed

Fake fart prank by Kansas teacher draws hilarious reactions from her students during virtual class

This Kansas teacher wanted to “lighten the mood” during a virtual class, so she came up with the most hilarious prank. Emma Ginder is a third-grade teacher from Topeka whose recent practical joke had her students and the whole internet laughing. In a video recording of the prank, Ginder instructed her students to bring out

A teacher who turned his home into a PPE factory during the pandemic was honored with a new car

A teacher in New Jersey received a limited edition car from Mazda after making thousands of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers during the height of the pandemic. When Jason Erdreich, 26, heard the news about front line workers scrambling for PPEs during the start of the pandemic, he knew he had to step up

Teacher who adopted former student and his brother is finally debt-free after paying off $50K loan

Knowing that you’re debt-free is one of the greatest feelings in the world. That’s exactly what Chelsea Haley of Marietta, Georgia, felt when she cleared a total of $48,683.41 in debt! This sum includes her student loans with interest and the amount she owed in credit cards. She achieved this feat five years after adopting