Man on road trip gets out of car — and comes back to find a stray dog in the front seat

After a fishing trip in Arkansas, Bill Shaver was on his way home to Missouri when he pulled into a rest stop to use the bathroom and throw away some trash. He didn’t plan to be gone for long, so he left the engine running and the car door open. But when he returned, he

Police stations feed homeless dogs by installing ‘water and cookie stations’ in Peru

Peru has had a long-standing battle against animal cruelty. But one group of animals, in particular, has been a relentless target of abuse for years – stray dogs. As in many Latin American countries, stray dogs in Peru are abundant and are continually growing in number. Many of these dogs have no owners, while some

Homeless dog carries food bowl everywhere he goes

There are over 70 million stray animals plying the streets of the US. Given this immense figure, it is common for people to see malnourished dogs and cats hunting for food to quench their hunger. But beyond this picture is the heartbreaking truth that these creatures are suffering in silence. Unlike humans, animals do not