Dairy farming sisters win hearts over lip sync performance of ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ while tending to cows

If you’ve lived on a farm or worked on one, you’d know how demanding and seemingly endless the work is. Farmers need all the help they can get to accomplish the enormous tasks at hand. And if they have their family around to help them that’s much better. Getting your kids to do some farm

Formerly conjoined twins and their sister about to celebrate their 18th birthday next month

All teenagers look forward to celebrating their 18th birthday. Although it’s a special occasion for everyone, this milestone becomes even more meaningful when you’re born under unique circumstances.  Sisters Mackenzie, Macey, and Madeline Garrison were born in December 2002 as triplets, but two of them—Mackenzie and Macey—were conjoined twins. Their biological parents weren’t ready to