Beloved service dog moves on after helping hospital staff get through the COVID-19 pandemic

Aside from being our loyal companions, dogs have this natural ability to give us a sense of calm with their mere presence. That’s precisely what a soon-to-be service dog named Wynn provided to the emergency room staff at Rose Medical Center in Denver, Colorado. Hospital employees credited the good girl for bringing much-needed emotional support

A Christmas miracle: Service dog who went missing three years ago finally reunites with her owners

When Debra Mejeur’s emotional pet support dog, Lola, went missing during a family vacation in Illinois, her world turned upside down. But in what can only be described as a Christmas miracle, Debra and her husband Steve were recently reunited with their beloved black Lab mix three years after they were separated! In October 2017,

Disfigured pup finds forever home and becomes therapy dog to help others feel loved

If you’ve ever experienced a dog’s love, consider yourself lucky. These animals don’t discriminate; they love us no matter who we are and what we look like. They don’t mind our imperfections and shortcomings – all they care about is spending time with us. These loyal companions deserve nothing less than what they give us