Adults bibs that look like button-up shirts help provide ‘dignity’ to elderly and people with disabilities

A young nurse from Victoria, Australia, is helping adults and people with disabilities keep their dignity intact by making bibs that look like regular clothing. As a nurse, Paige Meyer felt that putting childlike bibs on her patients to feed them can be humiliating, even though they don’t actually say it. That’s why she never

Grandma wins the internet with sweetest reaction when she finds out she’s moving in with grandson

Growing old entails many challenges, including losing a spouse, developing aging-related illnesses, and experiencing social isolation. This grandma in Florida had one less thing to worry about – living alone. That’s because her grandson, Matthew Stewart, had arranged for her to live with him in his new home. That means Grandma Bobbe, 87, whom Matthew

This senior lab adores raising his stray kitten ‘little sister’ who is blind

A new “lab” story of two animals has been cheering people up these days despite all the dreadful happenings around the world. Just like humans, animals also develop beautiful and inspiring friendships. One great example of this is the friendship of Paxton, a 12-year-old Labrador retriever and a days-old stray kitten, Polly. Apart from being

Woman who fostered more than 600 children says she loved them ‘like they were my own’

A 75-year-old woman from Johnson County, Iowa was honored for her incredible life work of fostering over 600 children for nearly five decades, three of whom she ended up officially adopting. In October 2019, Linda decided to stop fostering children due to health reasons. After she announced her decision, the Johnson County Board of Supervisors