This company’s innovative robotic beehive gets $80 million funding to save bees from environmental threats

Beewise, a climatech precision robotics company, is heeding the call to “save the bees.” This month, the company announced its successful Series C fundraising of $80 million, bringing Beewise’s total funding to over $120 million. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, over 30% of honeybee colonies are disappearing each year, posing a severe risk … Read more

A Dutch city is turning bus stops into green roof ecosystems for bees

The importance of bees in our ecosystem is undeniable for they are the world’s number one pollinators. Their rapidly declining population is one of the most pressing environmental issues that we face today, but the good thing is, different groups from around the world are taking part in saving them. One of the efforts dedicated … Read more

The ‘world’s smallest McDonald’s’ is now open — to bees

McDonald’s, one of the world’s biggest restaurant franchise, is taking a step towards preserving the environment – specifically, by saving the bees. As we all know, bees play a major role in the healthy functioning of the planet’s ecosystems. They are responsible for pollinating about three-quarters of the world’s plants, making them an invaluable element … Read more