Three women who were cheated on by the same man dumped him and traveled the world together

Shared experiences can bring people together and foster new relationships. That’s exactly what happened to Bekah King, Abi Roberts, and Morgan Tabor when they discovered they had a lot in common. Aside from being adventurers, risk-takers, and music lovers, the three unknowingly dated the same man simultaneously. But rather than wallowing in bitterness, these young … Read more

Science explains why singing in the car like a rock star can boost your physical and mental health

Singing often makes people good especially when it’s done in the car. It always brings feel-good hormones that make someone happy and worry-free throughout their journey. Essentially, there’s a psychology behind this euphoria. Using the voice to sing instead of just talking offers surprising and exceptional benefits. According to the Music Therapy department chair at … Read more