A Christmas miracle: Service dog who went missing three years ago finally reunites with her owners

When Debra Mejeur’s emotional pet support dog, Lola, went missing during a family vacation in Illinois, her world turned upside down. But in what can only be described as a Christmas miracle, Debra and her husband Steve were recently reunited with their beloved black Lab mix three years after they were separated! In October 2017,

Missing Golden Retriever reunited with owner after almost a year of separation

This rescue organization from Illinois reunited a missing dog with its owner after almost a year of separation. Last year’s Thanksgiving celebration turned into a nightmare for Kate Olson of New Hampshire, England, when she lost her best friend. She was visiting her boyfriend’s parents in Arnold, Missouri, when her Golden Retriever Walter—whom she described

Watch this family surprise their son at school with his lost dog

This family surprised their 14-year-old son when they picked him up at school with their pug – who had gone missing for two and a half weeks – riding in the passenger’s seat of their truck. Piper loves everyone in her family, but her bond with Carter Licata, 14, is special. “It was love at first