Police officer pays for family’s groceries instead of pressing charges after shoplifting incident

Just when they needed it most, this Massachusetts police officer exercised compassion for two women caught shoplifting five days before Christmas. They got a gift card from the kind officer. Here is the story: Somerset Police Officer Matt Lima responded to a call from a Stop & Shop grocery store on December 30 regarding a

Police officer adopts little girl he rescued from abuse and comforted her while on duty

When Arizona police officer Brian Zach met a little girl named Kaila while on duty, he knew he wanted to take care of her forever. His wish came true this summer when he and his wife, Cierra, officially adopted the 4-year-old girl into their family. In March 2018, while on duty, patrol sergeant Brian and

Officer takes 8-year-old girl to daddy-daughter dance after her father passed away

Every girl deserves to have a father-daughter dance. The sheer moment of walking into the center of the dance floor with your father extending his hand while accompanied by music is just precious. When Nicol “Nick” Harvey noticed the posters with information on the upcoming Father-Daughter dance of Central Elementary School in Van Buren, Arkansas,