Couple wears original wedding attire in special photoshoot to celebrate 60 years of marriage 

People say that if you take care of things, they last. This couple in Nebraska knows just how true that is. In all the years they’ve been together, Lucille, 81, and Marvin Stone, 88, worked hard to make their marriage last. After decades of love and kindness, their efforts paid off as they recently celebrated

Photographer captures the similarities between humans and dogs in fun card game

As an animal photographer, Gerard Gethings aims to capture the unique characteristics that make each of his subjects special. Whether they’re birds, bees, horses, and chameleons, he makes sure that he’s able to highlight their distinctive beauty and showcase their personalities with every portrait. But for this project he did in collaboration with Laurence King

Woman installs camera to bird feeder to capture images of birds, see the stunning pics here

People often associate birds with the concept of freedom because of their ability to fly. Aside from this, another feature that makes these creatures so fascinating is the diversity of their species. They come in all sizes and colors, making them a favorite subject among wildlife photographers. When Lisa M. Ca moved from Germany to

Photographer tracked down people he captured in films 30-years ago to recreate their photos

During the late 1970s and 1980s, paramedic Chris Porsz roamed the streets of his hometown Peterborough to take candid photographs of passersby. He snapped pictures of people who stood out from the crowd, be it couples, siblings, friends, etc. Three decades later, Chris returned to his project and tracked down the same subjects to recreate

Photographer captures stunning images of polar bears playing in flower fields

When we think of polar bears, we automatically picture them in the Arctic, surrounded by snowy and icy landscapes. This image has been deeply ingrained in our minds that it’s hard to imagine these furry giants in any other environment. The North experiences changing seasons, too. And as summer arrives, polar bears come out and

Photographer adds full sets of teeth to baby photos and the results are both funny and creepy

This nurse turned professional photographer took newborn photos to a whole other level by adding full sets of teeth onto the babies’ smiles! Amy Haehl specializes in wedding and newborn photography and is the owner of Coffee Creek Studio located in Shelbyville, IN. She takes the most stunning pictures of babies, capturing them during their