People are paying tribute to a dog who died 100 years ago by leaving sticks at his grave

There’s nothing like the heartbreak of losing a pet. After all, these animals are more than just our companions; they’re family. We know that their time with us is short, and while that’s the poignant reality, it also makes every moment we spend with them a little more special. The Green-Wood Cemetery in south Brooklyn

Woman’s emotional obituary for late Golden retriever touches hearts all over the world

Losing a pet is like losing a piece of your heart. That’s exactly how Sallie Gregory Hammett felt when her seven-year-old Golden retriever Charlie died last month. The beloved dog succumbed to lymphoma on September 13 after a five-month battle with the disease. Although doctors had warned Sallie that Charlie’s days were numbered, it did

This video of a toddler comforting pet dog during a thunderstorm will surely melt your heart

Dogs can be our fiercest protectors, but that doesn’t mean they’re not afraid of anything. No matter what breed, gender, or age they are, our canine friends seem to share one common fear: loud noises. Thunder, loud vehicles, and fireworks are the most common triggers of this phobia in dogs. They’re also highly sensitive to

Pizza place puts photos of shelter dogs on their pizza boxes to help them get adopted

Animal rescue organizations often have to find inventive ways to get the word out about their adoptable animals. Over time, it’s been proven that an effective way to do so is by partnering with local businesses. This way, their message gets more reach, thereby helping cats and dogs find their forever homes much quicker. This strategy