Ballerina born without arms soars with her winning attitude, inspires thousands

Sometimes, the only thing that keeps people from reaching their dreams is their own excuses. But for this young ballerina born without arms, these “excuses” are no match for hard work and confidence. From a young age, Vitória Bueno of Santa Rita do Sapucaí, Brazil, has demonstrated an interest in dancing. So when her physiotherapist

Disfigured pup finds forever home and becomes therapy dog to help others feel loved

If you’ve ever experienced a dog’s love, consider yourself lucky. These animals don’t discriminate; they love us no matter who we are and what we look like. They don’t mind our imperfections and shortcomings – all they care about is spending time with us. These loyal companions deserve nothing less than what they give us

A man with Autism was tired of rejected job applications, so he opened his own coffee shop

Coffee shops can be found here and there, but this one located in North Smithfield, Rhode Island, is offering something special. Michael Coyne, who lives with autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and bipolar disorder had trouble finding a job for two years. “After I turned 21, I applied to multiple places. None of them

This chain of coffee shops is run by people with Down syndrome and other disabilities

Amy Wright is the owner of a chain of coffee shops in the United States, but she is not just an ordinary businesswoman. Her kind of coffee shop wasn’t built solely for profit-making purposes – they were founded to serve a bigger purpose. Amy is the owner of Bitty & Beau’s Coffee, known as “The