A mirrored 22 story horizontal skyscraper virtually disappears into the vast desert landscape: ‘Invisible House’

The 5,500 square-foot private property, known as the “Invisible House,” was designed by American Psycho film producer Chris Hanley and artist and architect Tomas Osinski, who has worked with the likes of Frank Gehry (designer of the Guggenheim Museum). The 22-story HORIZONTAL structure is located in the middle of the desert and is almost entirely … Read more

Take a look inside Ikea’s first sustainable tiny home packed with eco-friendly features

Furniture giant IKEA is joining the sustainability bandwagon with its Tiny Home Project – a 187-square foot, off-grid home on wheels that is “stylish, sustainable, and affordable.” The company designed and built the tiny home in cooperation with brand studio Vox Creative after being inspired by their “shared commitments to sustainability, inclusivity and innovation.” Their … Read more