Grandkids tell her she needs company, so woman asks animal shelter for oldest and hardest to adopt dog

When Melani Andrews visited an animal shelter, she had an unusual question for the staff. She asked them who among their dogs was the oldest and hardest to adopt. It was an unexpected inquiry, but the caretakers knew right away which pup perfectly fit that description. Meet Jake, a 12-year old terrier who had been

Blind golden retriever gets his own ‘seeing-eye’ puppy and now they are BFFs

Man’s best friends can also have dog best friends too, just like the Golden Retriever in this story named Charlie. Charlie is an 11-year-old blind pup living his senior years with parents, Chelsea Stipe and Adam Stipe, and his own “seeing-eye” dog, Maverick. The world hasn’t always been dark for Charlie. Adam had him ever

Photographer captures hilarious expressions of dogs trying to catch treats in mid-air

According to a study published in the journal Psychological Science, people who smiles after a stressful work have a reduced rate of stress and anxiety than people who do not smile at all. And it doesn’t have to be a genuine smile, even faking a smile can do the same trick. Sarah Pressman, the co-author